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How to choose moving head light supplier during the exhibition?

As new entrance people  of stage lighting filed ,or event equipment provider , or lighting fixture purchaser etc , stage lighting exhibition is best way to help you understand the supplier and new product .  but after see over hundreds of exhibitor during the show , how to find out the suitable business partner is tactic to learn , so, here we would like to share some suggestions for reference . [...]


How to control the moving head light quality?

Quality , it is product’s life line , only qualified product would get the market recognition and generate more sale revenue , which is the vital factor to keep the profitability of running the business . so, how to create a well performance product, here we would like to share product development and production procedure of one top stage lighting factory in China --LIGHT SKY. [...]


How Light Sky’s R&D Team Innovates Stage Lighting Presentation

As a leader in the intelligent lighting industry, Light Sky has been at the forefront of revolutionizing stage lighting since its inception in 1993. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has significantly impacted lighting shows across various platforms, from grand theaters to vibrant concerts. This article delves into how our R&D team drives innovation, enhancing both the

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How does the QC system works in stage lighting factory?

What is the QC? Qualtiy control is a process through which a business or factory seeks to ensure that the product quality is same as the target level or improved, it consists of two main parts :testing the new product and determining if they are qualified to be accepted. [...]


The development History of Lightsky outdoor moving head light

We all know that many events are held not only indoors, but also outdoors. Compared with indoors, the circumstances outdoors are more complicated. There can be harsh weather, for example, it may rain, snow, or even sand storms. If the lighting gear is not waterproof, it will be damaged and even has the risk of hurting people. [...]


Illuminate the Stage with Light Sky’s Mini Beam Light

Here at Light Sky, we're dedicated to offering state-of-the-art lighting solutions. We are excited to introduce our wonderful product, the Light Sky Mini Beam Light, in this article. Our Mini Beam Light's tremendous performance, energy efficiency, and small design make it ideal for producing amazing lighting effects on stages. Long Lifespan and Environment-Friendly Light Sky's

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