How to control the moving head light quality?

Quality , it is product’s life line , only qualified product would get the market recognition and generate more sale revenue , which is the vital factor  to keep the profitability of running the business . so, how to create a well performance product, here we would like to share product development and production procedure of one top stage lighting factory in China —LIGHT SKY.


Quality control step 1:  R&D design

Once the company decide to develop one new lighting fixture , R&D department’s corresponding project team should fully understand : why the market need this lighting fixture  ? what kind of function the lighting equipment must have ? what is risk in quality control  ? what function and potential damage could be trade off ?  what kind of design is not good for the future production  ? or future after-service etc ? etc  So, during the design period , the mechanical engineer , electronic engineer must be have a sense of quality control , how to make it easy and convenient for the production staff and future client’s after-service .

After first design drawing is ready , the R&D department would hold a design evaluation meeting by inviting other experienced engineers from R&D, QC and production department ‘s workmate to review their design , and express why he should design like this .   then , relative workmate would give feedback from their view of production convenience and Quality control standard . then, the design of the new product would be improve the lighting fixture design according.

Quality control step 2:  CNC sample and engineering sample

After the lighting design drawing is approved , the R&D would start the CNC sample assembly , usually LIGHT SKY would make 3 sample . during this time , they would test the function and improve the design according the assembly experience .  after the CNC sample is done , they would invite sales department , QC department and  production department and enginerring department to test the sample and show all the function and test report to convince the internal client accept their sample .  if the answer is No, they have to go back to improve the sample and design again .  If the answer is yes, The new lighting fixture would go to the Engineering sample–second round –engineering sample and make SOP to make preparation for the trial production .

Quality control step 3:  Trial production

During engineering sample assembly , Engineering department would sit in position of production department and verification position to feedback quite a lot of improvement  points to R&D team to make the change .  After all the points solution is confirmed , then , this moving head lighting project reaches third round–Trial production .  Trial production usually would be 20 to 30 pcs , which would be processed by the production department .  during this process , many new issue and inconvenience would be found again , then, verification procedure works again and again .   and in Trial production this phase , firmware or software of new moving head light is 90% confirmed .


Quality control step 4:  Mass production

After trial production imperfect issue is fixed , the mass production comes . usually first mass production’s lighting fixture would be sold to the market . but it does not mean after the mass production it is a perfect equipment ,  because according to LIGHT SKY experience,  the first three mass production , there are still some new points would be found out , at first 3 mass production , usually R&D and engineering department would send experienced crews to follow the production line in case there is are some new issue come out , or to check if there is improvement can be done .

In this article , LIGHT SKY share a l area of how to control the moving head lighting quality in the product development procedure , although it is a most important part to control the quality , it is not the only part. For more details , we would keep contact with LIGHT SKY to share in the future .