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LIGHT SKY Badminton Bash: Blending Friendly Competition and Team Spirit

Creating a harmonious and enriching work environment has always been a top priority at Light Sky. We firmly believe that a strong sense of community and camaraderie among our employees not only boosts morale but also enables them to thrive both professionally and personally.[...]

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Exploring the Unique Beauty of Light Sky’s Corporate Culture

At Light Sky, we are proud to be a leading LED lighting solutions provider known for our innovative products and stunning lighting effects. Our success, however, is not just a result of our cutting-edge technology; it is deeply rooted in our robust corporate culture. We firmly believe that our core corporate values guiding success through

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What is the difference between Laser , Lamp and LED source ?

With the EU's increasingly strict environmental regulations, sustainable development has become a global consensus, and the professional stage lighting industry has also reached its moment of innovation. High Performance lamps, LEDs, and lasers, these three mainstream light sources each hold their ground but also face their limitations. [...]


Green Lighting: LIGHTSKY’s Revolutionary Heat Dissipation Technology Redefining Sustainable Lighting for Stage Lighting Field

With the booming development of the performing arts market, there has been a surge in demand for lighting equipment. However, one of the mainstream light sources, High-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps), has faced challenges due to ineffective heat dissipation solutions, resulting in short lamps lifespan, frequent replacements increasing operational costs, and imposing a significant burden on the environment.[...]

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