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Which kind of lighting is suitable for outdoor shows?

  Which kind of lighting is suitable for outdoor shows? Many customers don't know how to choose the right surface light. There are many kinds of lights on the market that illuminate the stage. In the past, stage lights were not waterproof, and there were only two options for an outdoor show: You may choose


The lighting equipment which is commonly used in club

  Clubs are the place where you relax yourselves. Now many young people like to go to clubs to relax on the weekend and relieve their fatigue from work. A good atmosphere is important for clubs. The stage lighting equipment can set off the atmosphere well. Which lighting equipment is commonly used in the


How Does Moving Head Light Ensure Your Visual Enjoyment on Stages

Setting up the stage shows perfectly can be tricky since management has to play around with different things to present the show’s highly attractive version to the audience. Due to the tricky nature of these events, bright stage lights play a decisive role in making or breaking the show.   It brings us to the


Things You Won’t Believe What Beam Spot Wash Can Do for the Stage

Stage show directors, producers, and other behind-the-scenes crews burn the midnight oil to make their shows a success. The role of beam spot wash in stage shows can not be undermined, as these lights help introduce energy to your show. When these lights keep the audience focused and help them stay in touch with the show,