Outdoor Event Lighting

Waterproof, Intelligent Stage Lighting for Kaleidoscope Lighting Effects

As exhibitions, concerts, and shows are moving outside, there are more concerns over the waterproofness and performance of event lighting.

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Light Sky is the industrial forerunner that has a legacy spanning over 3 decades. We empower every lighting spectacle with our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to excellence. 

With a sprawling 15,000 m2+ factory and R&D center, Light Sky stands at the forefront of innovation, boasting an impressive portfolio of 130+ patents, including 20+ invention patents. Our certifications – ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, RoHS, ETL – underscore our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Our impact resonates across diverse arenas, from national events like the Eurovision Song Contest and the Hangzhou G20 Summit to iconic theaters such as the Guangzhou Grand Theater and Rome Central Theater. We’ve left our mark on global stages, from Shanghai Disneyland to the Sydney Lighting Festival, illuminating landscapes and captivating audiences worldwide.

We are committed to realizing the brilliance you demand.

What to Look for in Event Lighting

Ideology of product design: what are you concerned about


Consider outdoor stage lighting fixtures with excellent sealing performance and suitability for diverse environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and corrosion resistance.


Ensure that the lighting fixtures boast reliable optical components to maintain light consistency. Realistic optical test data should be available for reference to validate performance.

Installation & Maintenance

Choose fixtures that offer easy and versatile installation methods, ensuring user-friendly construction processes. Opp for fixtures that can self-diagnose faults and upload error codes, streamlining maintenance procedures and reducing downtime.

Types of Outdoor Stage Lighting We Provide

Light Sky is the professional provider of all the event lighting ideas

Creates dynamic light patterns by projecting sharp, narrow beams of light that move across the stage

Outdoor moving beam

Features a moving head that directs a strong beam of light, allowing for versatile lighting effects and precise spotlighting.

Moving head beam

Provides broad and even illumination by washing the stage with a wide, moving field of light, enhancing the visual atmosphere.

LED moving wash

Offers focused or flood lighting, with the flexibility to adjust beam angles for versatile stage lighting solutions.

LED par light

Spotlights that can move directionally are ideal for highlighting specific performers or areas on stage with intense, adjustable light.

LED moving spotlight

My Portfolio

We are here for you to provide more intelligent lighting solutions for your events.

Light Sky Event Lightings Recommendation

Take a look at Light Sky’s New Intelligent Lighting Solutions – Exceptional Waterproofness. 

Outdoor Moving Beam

Featuring the energy-saving Ushio 400W long-life lamp, the AQUABEAM400LL delivers powerful illumination with sharpness and high brightness equivalent to a 4000W sky search. With CMY color mixing and dual prism capabilities, it offers versatile lighting effects. Its IP54 rating and outdoor PA66 engineering plastic cover ensures durability against UV, aging, and high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for outdoor environments.

LED Moving Wash

Featuring 19pcs×40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, it delivers stable performance and longevity. This multifunctional fixture combines LED beam and wash capabilities, offering high brightness and versatile applications. With an IP66 rating, it’s perfect for permanent outdoor use, with individual LED control for customizable effects. Enjoy dynamic vortex effects with a rotating front lens and consistent color mixing with the built-in calibration system. Plus, its wide zoom angle of 4.5-60° provides flexibility in lighting options.

LED Moving Head

Packed with power at 450W, it features a CMY color mixing system for vibrant hues. Its sealed cooling system, with smart temperature control, ensures low-noise operation. With a double prism system for fast switching effects and the latest USB upgrading system, it stays ahead of the curve. Plus, boasting an IP66 rating and an aluminum cover, it’s versatile for various environments.

LED Moving Head

Equipped with high-definition optical lenses, it delivers a strong, sharp beam. With its CMY infinite color mixing system and ultra-high illuminance of 1500000 lux at 10m, it ensures stunning illumination performance. Plus, its IP66 waterproof rating makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact us now for a quote and elevate your lighting game.

LED Moving Head

Boasting a 260W white Laser module with a lifespan of over 20,000 hours, it ensures reliability and longevity. With a total lumen output of 10090 Lm and luminance reaching 439000lux @20m, it delivers dazzling brightness. Featuring a 190mm front lens diameter and an IP66 rating, it’s built to withstand the elements, making it suitable for various environments.

LED Moving Spot

With a 1200W LED white source, the SHARK PROFILE offers high brightness and a long lifespan. Its precision optical lens system ensures uniform spot projection, while its versatile 4-in-1 function includes BEAM, SPOT, WASH, and PROFILE. Enjoy color temperature adjustments from 6500K to 3000K with linear CTO. The professional framing system allows precise shaping, and its IP66 rating ensures durability in challenging environments.

Outdoor Moving Beam

Packing a punch at 450W, the SHARK450BSW features a CMY Color Mixing System for vibrant hues. With a versatile prism wheel, including 3 pcs prism + 1 prism, it offers multiple combinations for dazzling effects. Encased in a full metal housing with the latest USB upgrade system, it ensures durability and easy updates. Its IP66 rating and aluminum cover make it adaptable to various environments.


Featuring 48pcs x 15W RGBL LEDs, SIRENA offers high photosynthetic efficiency, delivering exceptional brightness and coverage. Its IP65 rating ensures durability in outdoor environments with waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof design. Benefit from built-in color calibration for consistent mixing and control over 4 individually controllable LED zones.

Outdoor Moving Beam

Powered by a 100W white laser, MINI LASER AQUA delivers stunning illumination with a beam angle of 1.1 degrees and a front lens diameter of 128mm. With a luminance of 300000ux @ 10M and an IP66 waterproof rating, it ensures impressive performance in any environment. Enjoy a versatile color wheel with 12 colors + blank, along with a static gobo wheel featuring 14 fixed gobos + 1 blank. Plus, its prism system includes an 8-facet prism + 24 facet prisms for dynamic effects.

Outdoor Moving Beam

With a powerful 150W lamp, the MINI LUNAR AQUA offers impressive illumination with a 1.7° beam angle and a 128mm front lens diameter. Achieve stunning brightness with a luminance of 210000lux@10M, all protected by its IP66 rating for durability. Explore a rich color palette with a color wheel featuring 14 colors + Blank, and enjoy dynamic effects with 17 fixed gobos + 1 Blank, featuring bidirectional rotation.