How to choose moving head light supplier during the exhibition?

As new entrance people  of stage lighting filed ,or event equipment provider , or lighting fixture purchaser etc , stage lighting exhibition is best way to help you understand the supplier and new product .  but after see over hundreds of exhibitor during the show , how to find out the suitable business partner is tactic to learn , so, here we would like to share some suggestions for reference .


Step 1 : Learn basic stage lighting knowledge before visit the exhibition

 As a professional buyer , no one should buy a expensive ticket and pay the hotel fees to one exhibition and learn everything from zero .  the time spend in the exhibition should be experience to realize all the theory and information in the head become real , see by eyes ,and touch by hand , or even control it by yourself .  therefore ,  before the exhibition time , we should have idea about what type of stage lighting have in the market  ?   what is beam light ? what is the difference between laser , lamp and led source  ?  what is indoor and outdoor moving head ? what is profile lighting  ?  what is wash light effect ?  what is beam spot wash  ?  what are the top brand in moving head market  ? etc

With some basic knowledge in the head , it would help us understand exhibitors , and conclude your own learning more efficiently .

Step 2 :  Do not judge the moving head supplier by their booth size

Booth’s size in some aspect means something , at least , it shows that the management ‘s willing of investment in the marketing . so, even’s booth size is quite big , and product looks various ,it does not mean it is a qualified lighting manufacture, because what you could see in the booth is what they want to show you .  therefore , after find exhibitors ‘s booth and products are quite nice , please try to talk with them , ask them some questions , such as , how many years the company have  ?  do them have R&D center  ?  how they control the quality ?  how they do the after-service etc .  after these questions , you already could filter some unsuitable supplier .  


So, prepare some question list according to your company’s standard and request before visit the exhibition .  

Step 3 :  make a appointment and visit the factory

During your visiting of the exhibition ,find the interesting supplier , then , find a time to visit the factory to see their R&D center , production line and whole factory by eyes ,which would facilitate your smart decision on the supplier choosing .  why must visit the factory  ?  just same reason as we discussed in the step2 , what you see and what know about the supplier in the exhibition is only what the seller want you to know ,but how to prove what they show and promote in the booth in real ? visiting the factory is the comprehensive way to verify it .


For example, Light Sky , it is a top outdoor moving head lighting manufacture in China,during the 2024 GET SHOW exhibition you would see their booth design is the most elegant one , but when you check their product ,you would see their product line is not long as other manufacture , while , after you talk to them you would see that : Light Sky is a lighting manufacture super focus on the moving head lighting , especially outdoor moving head light , and they only sell the lighting equipment produced by themself .

And after visit them ,you would see that they are really focus a lot in IP65 waterproof , anti-dust ,anti-sandy, anti-oil outdoor fixture .

Generally speaking , find a good supplier is super important , because with excellent business partner’s support , the product ‘s quality , leading time ,after-service would be controllable, which is one of the most competitive advantage than a rival in the market, especially for stage lighting supplier , for its small quantity and high request on the brightness , quality,function and consistency ,a supportive and reliable  supplier is a must choice to run a fruitful business .