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Lightsky Shark Profile Shines at National Auditorium with Reyno Concert

The China Central Radio and Television Station New Year's Eve Party 2024 was a sight to behold as 200 LightSky moving head lights illuminated the stage, ushering in the new year with a breathtaking display of light and color. [...]

2024-01-10T02:47:07+00:002024-01-10|Case News, TV-Station|

LIGHTSKY AQUAPEARL-PRO and TX1940ZOOM SHOW ON the Guangdong Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

On September 10, 2022, LIGHTSKY IP66 LED beam wash--AQUAPEARL-PRO and LED moving wash--TX1940ZOOM show on the Guangdong Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.[...]

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