How to Create a Perfect Stage With Moving Head Beam?

From music festivals to light shows,
from performance evenings to variety shows,
moving head beam has been playing an important role in them.
It’s no doubt that the LED beam moving head an indispensable part of stages.

What Exactly Is Moving Head Beam?

A moving head beam is a set of electronics, machinery, optics, and heat dissipation as one of the high-tech products, with stable and reliable, excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning, and good heat dissipation characteristics. It relies on a high-power motor to drive the lamp cap and do a wide range of spatial rotations in horizontal and vertical directions.

Last but not least, its lighting effect is in the form of a beam. That is to focus the light source at a focal point so that the light source is more concentrated and emitted, forming a beam of light. Such a light is called a beam light.

How Can Moving Head Beam Can Help in Stage Performances?

Stage lighting is an essential element of stage performance. It unifies the stage scenery and the movement of the actors and forms a moving picture through the change of light color. The moving head beam’s specific role on stage is as follows:

  • Lighting the stage
  • Guide the audience’s sight;
  • Shaping the image of characters, emphasizing emotions, and showing stage illusions.

Key Points for Making a Successful Stage With Moving Head Beam?

In order to create an exciting stage with moving head beam products, there are some key parameters of LED beam moving heads that you need to think of when purchasing them. Let’s take a look at these key factors:

  • Light source

The type of light source of lamps can be divided into Incandescent lamps, Fluorescent lamps (low-pressure discharge lamps), High-intensity gas discharge lamps, LED lamps, and Laser lamps.

  • Color/GOBO/Effects

Choose products with more color selections and gobo wheels so that you can create different effects that suit your stage atmosphere.

  • Protect grade

The protection level is the decisive factor for the moving head beam’s service life. If your stage is set outdoors, it’s better for you to choose a product with a protection grade of at least IP65.

  • Other functions

Other functions like IP settings and software upgrades also determine the performance and conveniences of the lighting equipment.

Product Recommendations From Light Sky

In order to meet the requirements of a perfect stage, Light Sky has launched the following moving head beam products for you.