The development History of Lightsky outdoor moving head light

Why do we need waterproof stage lighting?

We all know that many events are held not only indoors, but also outdoors. Compared with indoors, the circumstances outdoors are more complicated. There can be harsh weather, for example, it may rain, snow, or even sand storms. If the lighting gear is not waterproof, it will be damaged and even has the risk of hurting people.

In the beginning, people use a rain cover on the top of the lighting, to prevent the lights from getting wet in the rain and snow. However, in this way, it cannot guarantee that it will not get wet at all. What’s more, the rain cover needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly, or it will affect the effect of the lights. It will increase the cost of time and labor. With the development of the industry, the demand for waterproof fixtures became more and intense. That’s why waterproof lights came out.

The outdoor fixture From LED par to IP54 Moving head Beam

Since the technology of moving head is complicated, LED par light became the first try of waterproof lights at the beginning. For example, LIGHT SKY designed a waterproof LED par light 54*3W –PL5403 ,which already stopped the production for long time .


With the development of the industry of stage lights, waterproof moving heads also came out after then.

In 2015, after overcoming a series of difficulties, to ensure waterproof safety and considering the technology of heat dissipation, LIGHT SKY launched the first IP54 230W , 330W , 440W Osram  discharge lamp moving head beam – AQUABEAM230, AQUABEAM330 , AQUABEAM 440 . With its compact size and strong waterproof capacity, it is not only suitable for outdoor fixed installations but also popular among rental customers.

The AQUABEAM was applied in many large international events, for example, the HANGZHOU G20 SUMMIT OPENING CEREMONY in 2016, the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST STOCKHOLMS in 2016, the Disneyland in the United States.


From IP54 moving head beam to IP66 moving head beam , beam spot wash

After technical improvements, 3 years later, LIGHT SKY improved the protection level to IP66 . It designed an IP66 outdoor moving head beam-SHARK, in 2018. The SHARK series adopts all diet-cast Aluminum housing, Cyclic anti-corrosion, and UV anti-corrosion, which is perfect for all-weather outdoor events. With powerful light sources, 400W and 450W, it can produce bright beam light even in outdoor events.

The next year, in 2019, LIGHT SKY also launched an IP66 outdoor moving head beam spot wash –SHARK BSW. It is a real waterproof hybrid fixture, which can meet the needs of not only beam , but also spot and wash effects for outdoor shows.

SHARK series are suitable for outdoor permanent installation projects. For example, 2022 Taiwan Christmas Light Show in Gaoxiong, Outdoor lighting scheme in Yancheng, Jiangsu

Which are anti-rain , anti-dust , anti-oil , anti-sand, all weather protection.

IP66 moving head LED beam wash , similar function to B-eye K15

To meet the needs of the market, LIGHT SKY focused on the waterproof technology of LED light source. It designed an IP66 LED Moving BEAM & WASH-AQUAPEARL-PRO. It adopts OSRAM 19PCS *40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chip. The lifespan of the LED light source can be up to 30000 hours. It can realize individual LED control, individual LED front ring control, and rotating front lens for countless vortex effects, “kaleidoscopic” effect.

Enter into the LASER source moving head world

In 2022, the step of waterproof lights kept moving. LIGHT SKY launched IP66 WATERPROOF LASER MOVING HEAD- SHARK LASER. It adopts 260W LASER Module. With the laser module, it can produce strong and brilliant beam light.

2024 New innovation on the small size and bright moving head field .


In 2024, to enrich the product line of waterproof LED WASH, the 7pcs of 60W Aquapearl Mini and 12pcs of 40W Aquapearl Smart are coming soon.

Aquapearl Mini is a multifunctional IP66 LED moving head beam and wash, with 7 * 60W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chips. It can be individual LED controlled, varied in color and effect. Simple appearance, compact size, light weight, suitable for entertainment, rental, TV, music festival, exhibition, variety program shows and other occasions.

The Aquapearl Smart is a larger version of Aquapearl Mini. It has 12*40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chips, with multiple color effect macro functions and Dynamic effects macro function.

Except for IP rated LED Wash, Light Sky will also launch two small IP moving beams this year.They are MINI LUNAR AQUA and MINI LASER AQUA. They look very similar, but with different light source. MINI LUNAR AQUA is a discharged moving beam with a 150W lamp, while the MINI LASER AQUA is a laser moving beam with 100W white laser. They are both of small size, which can moving fast but with good brightness.

The technology of waterproof fixtures is always the advantage of LIGHT SKY. It is one of the leaders of waterproof technology in this industry. We aim to design and produce more and more reliable fixtures for customers.


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