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LIGHTSKY Aquabeam400LL used by”SIX60 SATURDAYS ” Tour NEW ZEALAND For Visually Stunning Live Performances

On November 5, 2022, “Six60 Saturday” tour in New Zealand used LIGHTSKY moving beam Aquabeam400LL for a visually stunning live Performances.[...]

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Light Sky Is the Best Lighting Options for Event Production

Light Sky produces DMX LED moving head professional show lighting that illuminate any event! In addition to low power consumption, instant fade-in and fade-out, wireless remote-control capability, and water- and dust-resistance, these fixtures offer a variety of additional features. Read this article to learn more about why Light S is the best choice for your next production.

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The Light Sky Moving Head Laser Light is an ideal addition to any occasion

Light Sky is the leading manufacturer of high-performance laser lights in the world. They have created and patented professional stage lasers with movable head that can be installed in a variety of environments to provide special effects for your activities or performances. These laser lights have been used at parties, concerts, sporting events, and other

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The DMX Moving Head Lights from Light Sky are the ideal lighting equipment

The Light Sky DMX moving head lights have been a huge hit with customers who are searching for the ideal light source for their production. In this article, we will examine what distinguishes these light sources from their competitors.   Introduction With over 30 years of research and manufacturing experience, Light Sky, one of the

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The City Color Light: How Changes in the Sky Affect Urban Lighting

Have you ever been walking through the streets of a city at night when the lights suddenly changed color, creating a kaleidoscope of hues? Light Sky is revolutionizing the urban lighting industry.   About Light Sky   Light Sky, one of the most professional stage lighting companies in China with over 30 years of research and

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Light Sky offers the most effective outdoor stage lighting in the industry

Light Sky is a company that has been providing outdoor stage lighting for more than three decades. They believe that their product offers the highest level of quality, value, and service in the market. Consider what differentiates Light Sky from other businesses.   What is Outdoor Performance Lighting?   Outdoor stage lighting is a form of

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What functions do stage lights serve in a venue?

More and more frequently, audio and lighting are used in parties, weddings, and events, and many hotels are upgrading their audio, lighting, and led screens to attract customers. Can you imagine how many people will be drawn to a banquet and how passionate the atmosphere will be if there is a cool lighting show beforehand?

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LIGHTSKY SHARK450 Moving Beam Impress on “City walk in Jeddah season” and More

LIGHTSKY SHARK450 Moving Beam impress on “City walk in Jeddah season” project, held from May 17, 2022 to June 30, 2022.[...]

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