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LIGHTSKY AQUAPEARL-PRO and TX1940ZOOM SHOW ON the Guangdong Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

On September 10, 2022, LIGHTSKY IP66 LED beam wash--AQUAPEARL-PRO and LED moving wash--TX1940ZOOM show on the Guangdong Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.[...]

2023-02-02T02:34:18+00:002022-10-28|Case News, TV-Station|

LIGHTSKY PEARL WASH:a versatile LED moving beam wash allowing you display excellent color macro effect

LIGHTSKY is pleased to introduce PEARL WASH, a new member of the popular LED moving beam wash series. It integrates beam and wash function, features comprehensive color mixing modes & high-speed pan/tilt speed & nice FX effect and 7 to 55 zoom degree. [...]


LIGHTSKY Moving Head Light Enhance “Hello, Fireman” first fire rescue drama in Guangdong

On July 28, 2022, LIGHTSKY fixtures enhance "Hello, Fireman" first fire rescue drama in Guangdong,China's largest economy with a population of 126 million. [...]

2022-11-09T09:45:41+00:002022-10-26|Case News, Theater|

LightSky Lighting Fixtures Shine at the 14th sports games of Hunan

On September 8, 2022, the 14th Sports Games of Hunan was held in the beautiful setting of the Yueyang Sports Center, with rows of LIGHTSKY lighting fixtures illuminated the stage performance space and the audience.[...]

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How many type of lighting source is available in stage lighting field

As we all know , with the development of the lighting source , during these years , some new light source types have been applied to stage lighting equipments, here we would like to make a brief instruction about four types lighting source. [...]