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Welcome to Light Sky’s news center. Here we provide the latest moving head-lighting news and information. You can find the newest information about our moving led lights, led stage lighting, and more based on their functionality and applications.


Lightsky Whale Beam Lights up the Chongqing International Light and Shadow Art Festival

The Chongqing International Light and Shadow Art Festival recently concluded, leaving behind a trail of enchanting memories and captivating artistic marvels. [...]


Lightsky Shark Profile Shines at National Auditorium with Reyno Concert

The China Central Radio and Television Station New Year's Eve Party 2024 was a sight to behold as 200 LightSky moving head lights illuminated the stage, ushering in the new year with a breathtaking display of light and color. [...]


Lightsky Shark Profile Shines at National Auditorium with Reyno Concert

The National Auditorium of Mexico City was illuminated on November 3, 2023, as Mexican rock band Reyno took the stage for an electrifying concert. Rock fans from all over the city gathered at this cultural landmark to witness the unforgettable performance. [...]


Lightsky Mini Lunar and Aurora Lights up “Mercuro” idol group’s performance

On November 21, 2023, the popular Japanese idol group Mercuro held their highly anticipated "『失楽園』" performance at Spotify O-EAST, a renowned music venue in Tokyo's Toshima District. [...]


Lightsky’s Latest Whale Beam Lights Steal the Show at Guangzhou International Light Festival 2023

The Guangzhou International Light Festival, one of the world's three major light festivals, will reopen in 2023 to attract citizens and tourists. [...]


The Electrifying Boris Brejcha Concert in Hungary Lit Up by LightSky moving head Aurora

On November 11st, 2023, the Papu Laszlo Stadium in Budapest was lit up by more than 130 Lightsky moving heads Aurora during the highly anticipated Boris Brejcha concert. [...]


Lightsky Shark Profile: Illuminating Alejandra Guzmán’s Unforgettable Performance at Mexico’s CDMX Arena

On October 26th, the iconic "Queen of Rock" Alejandra Guzmán delivered an electrifying performance at Mexico’s CDMX Arena, leaving the audience in awe. [...]