How does the QC system works in stage lighting factory?

What is the QC?  Qualtiy control is a process through which a business or factory seeks to ensure that the product quality is same as the target level or improved, it consists of two main parts :testing the new product and determining if they are qualified to be accepted. Generally speaking, most of the factories have QC system , but how QC works , it depends on organization’s structure. To ensure the QC system could be easily understood , here we would like to share LIGHT SKY,  a stage lighting manufacturer QC working procedure details.


IQC : incoming materials quality control

IQC in LIGHT SKY is important , because they are responsible in all stage lighting components and packing stuff checking, testing and verification . The materials can enter into the warehouse or not , IQC have a power to decide . Only when there is a enough material in the warehouse , the PMC would arrange the production schedule , and production can run the assembly smoothly .

But once the material in the warehouse with any issue , then, production line would stop, which could cause the loss of the company . So, the IQC need to work carefully and seriously , or if the loss is huge , the company would track their responsibility to undertake the loss together with the company .  therefore , to make sure the material in good condition , IQC has their standard to checking the materials.


Rule 1 : working with qualified supplier chain. For example , light source of the moving head light : LIGHT SKY only work with the top brand , like OSRAM , CREE , LUMIUS , APPOTRONIC , PHILIPS , CREE etc .

Rule 2 : sign the quality standard contract with the supplier to make sure they understand LIGHTSKY requirement , and define the compensation terms to protect the LIGHT SKY once the unqualified materials influenced the production.

Rules3 : Education and training , not only for the QC department staff , but only the R&D engineer, purchasing staff , production assembly line and supplier chain’s QC and production staff .

Rule4  : Key components always full inspection , stable components , random inspection.



IPQC  : In process quality control

IPQC works in the assembly line , in charge of the IPQC inspection and make sure all the operator and equipment running under control and requirement . So, IPQC staff not only understand the assembly procedure , but also know the quality standard and key risk points for LIGHT SKY , They only appoints experienced engineer to take this position , because once the assembly is finished , the lighting equipment would move to the aging and calibration area. If in aging and calibration find the typical issue but in series ,which means the IPQC does not work fine , corresponding KPI would be marked the low score , at same time , rework process is requested , company suffers loss .  So, IPQC in LIGHT SKY plays as second layer protection in quality control.


FQC and OQC :Final Quality Control/Outgoing Quality Control

FQC and OQC both are work in final product quality control according to settled quality standard or client’s pre-agreed quality standard and specification .  In LIGHT SKY,  FQC is more focus on the function  control and test after the production staff handle the goods to them , but OQC except repeated the function test which did by FQC , But also includes the packing requirement , accessory checking . to make sure everything is same as client request . these are the third and forth layer protection in quality control .

IQC , IPQC , FQC and OQC are four type QC quite normal to find in the factory , especially in the factory who produce professional equipment . LIGHT SKY as one of the Top moving head beam , beam wash spot , city color , theatre lighting manufacture , always pay attention on the lighting equipment quality control . that is why its brand is getting more and more popularity .