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Nearly 400 SHARK 450BSW moving beams light up Taiwan Kaohsiung Christmas Light Show

Nearly 400 SHARK 450BSW moving beams light up Taiwan Christmas Light Show, the largest light show in Kaohsiung is a city in the southwestern part of Taiwan, China.[...]

2023-01-06T09:45:06+00:002023-01-06|Case News, International Case|

LIGHTSKY Aquabeam400LL used by”SIX60 SATURDAYS ” Tour NEW ZEALAND For Visually Stunning Live Performances

On November 5, 2022, “Six60 Saturday” tour in New Zealand used LIGHTSKY moving beam Aquabeam400LL for a visually stunning live Performances.[...]

2022-12-19T07:35:39+00:002022-12-19|Case News, International Case|

LIGHTSKY SHARK450 Moving Beam Impress on “City walk in Jeddah season” and More

LIGHTSKY SHARK450 Moving Beam impress on “City walk in Jeddah season” project, held from May 17, 2022 to June 30, 2022.[...]

2022-12-15T08:47:33+00:002022-12-15|Case News, International Case|

LIGHTSKY AURORA Moving Head Exude Glamour on the king of reggaeton Daddy Yankee’s El Salvador Tour

On November 5,2022, LIGHTSKY moving beam spot wash - AURORA exude glamour on the “King of Reggaeton” Daddy Yankee’s El Salvador Tour.[...]

2022-11-28T09:21:40+00:002022-11-28|Case News, International Case|