Which kind of lighting can be used for weddings?


The importance of lighting at weddings

When we think of weddings, the words that come to our mind are “beautiful”, “romantic”, ”happy”, or some other beautiful words. Because a wedding is usually surrounded by flowers, music, and beautiful light effects.

A proper use of lighting can enhance the whole atmosphere of the wedding. For example, WASH can make the wedding hall in different color, SPOT can produce varies of patterns, follow spot can focus the entire audience on the hero and heroine of the night.

Which lights are suitable for weddings?

Compared with those big events, the lights for wedding are more simple, and it is usually small power. High output is not necessary. Because wedding venues are usually relatively small. Here we would like to introduce some models that are suitable for weddings.



SUPER SCOPE PRO is a LED moving SPOT and PROFILE which was launched by LIGHT SKY in 2023. With a 450W LED light source, its lifespan can be up to 20000 hours, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Except for SPOT and PROFILE, it can also work as a BEAM and WASH. So it is a multifunctional 4 in 1 moving head computer light.

-Framing system : 4 blade ,each blade can be eight direction and +/- 45° degree rotation

-Rotation gobo wheel : 1 rotation gobo wheel ,each with 7 pcs interchangable gobo

-Prism : 4 facet prism + bidirection rotation

-Color : color wheel with 5 basic color filter + CMY color mixing system +CTO + CRI filter


The Light Sky PEARL WASH is a multi-functional wash fixture that will meet your expectations for a wedding moving wash light. You can use this flexible LED moving head wash to add color to the stage and create a bright, beautiful beam effect.

It adopts 12pcs x 40W RGBL 4 in 1 LED. The lifespan can reach to 30000 hours. It can be group controlled, every 3 LEDs as one group. With only 15.3kg , The XY speed is fast, and the positioning is accurate.


MAMBA is a linear LED moving light bar from LIGHT SKY. It features 12*40W LED chips RGBW 4 in 1, with TILT movement of 185° and zoom range of 4.2°-53°. It illuminates the wedding with vibrant colors and versatile effects with this sleek and powerful RGB bar light.

Mamba has 12pcs of 40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chips, which can offer uniform RGBW color mixing and rainbow lighting effects.


The LIGHT SKY LOTUS is a effect light designed by LIGHT SKY. It has the shape of a lotus flower, which is quite suitable for weddings. With 12pcs 0.8W RGBW LED ,It is energy-saving and has RGBW color mixing mode. The colors are rich and moving, symbolizing the pure and simple artistic realm of magical and magnificent colors.

Normally the outlook of the lights is black. To match the wedding venues, you can also change the color to white or other colors. LIGHT SKY offers the service of customize the color of fixture you need.

Wedding is important and meaningful to every couple. Everyone expects that their wedding can be as perfect as possible. Proper light, music and decoration are all important.

Do you like the lights we recommend? There are many other models for you to make selection.

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