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Light Sky’s PL1915: A New Arrival of Par Stage Lights

Par stage lights fall among the widely employed lighting systems in the universal entertainment business, regardless of whether it’s an indoor theater performance or an outdoor location event like weddings, parties, concerts, or anything else. The bottom line is that all sorts of stages are genuinely fond of par stage lights and the remarkable impact


What Makes a Perfect Stage Wash Lighting?

Are you looking for different lighting products to design the perfect stage lighting effect everywhere you see on TV shows and concerts? But even after sieving through countless brands and trying their multiple expensive lighting equipment, you still can’t figure out whether it’s the moving beam lights you want or the moving wash lights


The application of high-quality waterproof moving head lights in tourism

  China is an old country with 5000 years history of civilization. Recently the Chinese government has vigorously advocated cultural tourism, inherited Chinese culture, and promoted the development of Chinese culture and economy. High-quality waterproof moving head lights play a very important role in the cultural tourism economy. IP66 waterproof moving head lights are


STAGE LIGHTING: What Do I Need for a Small Size Lighting Show?

  If you going to establish a small size lighting show production company, one of the main equipment is a lighting system, then what are basic lights do you need? How can the lighting effects take an average performance to new heights on a relatively small budget? Generally speaking, the following lighting could ensure