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Best Way to Set a Mood With LED Moving Wash on Stages

  LED moving wash lighting plays an important role in stage lighting. It is easy to install, and it helps set the desired atmosphere on stage. This combined with its various unique features makes it an ideal choice for stage shows, dance clubs, discos, bars, exhibitions, and more. The plethora of benefits of this type


The Only LED Moving Wash You Need for Outdoor Stage Lighting

  All kinds of outdoor events will be held since the holidays are coming, and stage lighting equipment of high-quality is important to a successful show. Since there will be so many products to choose from, you need to find one that meets your needs and offers more. Today, we will introduce you to


LED Moving Head Wash Is Bound to Make an Impact on Your Christmas Show

  Many stage shows, such as theaters, are taking place everywhere as Christmas is coming. And that’s when you need the best stage lighting equipment the most. We recommend using an LED moving head wash. It’s one of the most preferred lighting solutions by stage lighting experts. And here are why. Four Controllable Qualities of Stage Light What should


Everything About Outdoor Stage Lighting You Should Know

As experts in outdoor stage lighting, we understand what the modern market demand and what stage lighting professionals go through. It’s a challenging yet exciting exercise, especially when you have the right tools and knowledge. For instance, beam light equipment is basic outdoor stage lighting and must be set perfectly. Today, we will be


Elevate Your Stages With This LED Moving Head

The moving head is one of the most important components on the stage. Whether it’s for a theater/TV column, music performance, or any entertainment project, you need the stage lit in a manner that captures every mood clearly while highlighting the performers effectively. Hence, investing in the right lighting equipment is as important as performance.


LIGHTSKY LED PAR SIRENA:add a unique color to your show and city

LIGHTSKY ’s new member SIRENA of the LED PAR fixture series add a unique color to your show and city. With the development of the city, urban architectural lighting design is also developing rapidly. Outdoor lighting design is one of the most important factors in architectural lighting design. [...]