LIGHTSKY AQUAPEARL-PRO and TX1940ZOOM SHOW ON the Guangdong Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

On September 10, 2022, LIGHTSKY IP66 LED beam wash–AQUAPEARL-PRO and LED moving wash–TX1940ZOOM show on the Guangdong Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Guangdong Satellite TV is the sixth-ranked satellite channel in Guangdong Province, China, with 480 million viewers since 2001.

The theme of this gala revolves around the Mid-Autumn Festival, which originated in China and is an important traditional festival in China. The gala was divided into three chapters, “Flower Moon Night”, “Full Moon” and “Blind Love”, and gathered popular Chinese performers such as Hacken Lee Hak Kan, Aska Yang, and Shirley Yeung Sze Ki.

The stage lighting designer of this gala chose LIGHTSKY LED moving beam wash –AQUAPEARL-PRO and LED moving head wash–TX1940ZOOM to create a festive feast showing national tide culture and star-studded.

Outdoor IP66 LED beam wash–AQUAPEARL-PRO, with 19×40W RGBW 4 in 1LED, rotating front lens can produce countless swirls and “kaleidoscope” effects, providing colorful effects. With the single-point control of the front halo, 4.5- 60° wide-angle zoom, the stage lighting designer can chase the flowing color-changing effect at will to create a gorgeous stage scene.

700W LED moving wash –TX1940ZOOM, with RGBW macro color and Smart cooling system, can provide accurate and consistent color effect. Its tiny volume and light weight make it easy to carry and install.


More pics can be seen in the following.