On October 12, 2022, the coronavirus suddenly flooded into Guangzhou, one of China’s first-tier cities, with a population of 18.67 million. Among them, the most severely affected area is Huadu, Guangzhou, a district in the northern part of Guangzhou.

In the face of this severe and complex epidemic situation. LIGHSKY calls on employees to strictly abide by the government’s epidemic prevention requirements, arrive at designated locations in an orderly manner every day for nucleic acid testing, and take various preventive measures.

In addition, LIGHTSKY contacted Guangzhou Huadu District government officer, and learned that front-line government workers and volunteers in the fight against Covid-19 are working hard. In order to ensure the safety of the general public, many front-line government workers and volunteers stick to their posts 24 hours a day and never let up.

Therefore, after discussing with Guangzhou Huadu District government officer, LIGHTSKY immediately decided to start by solving the problem of food for epidemic prevention personnel to support the local government in its fight against COVID-19. On October 22-23, LIGHTSKY prepared more than 400 meals and fruits for Huadu District government staff and volunteers in response to the war against Covid-19.

Hope the food prepared by LIGHTSKY can bring some warmth to the epidemic prevention personnel. We believe that as long as we persevere and work together, everything will end soon. Hang in there Guangzhou!