What kind of lighting does a nightclub need?

When you see the word “nightclub”, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind?

Lights with visual impact:

Shocking music:

A stage full of technology:

Nightclubs have now become an important entertainment for young people, especially in cities. This is a great way to relax after a stressful day at work. In the nightclub, people can temporarily forget their troubles and immerse themselves in the world of music and lighting.

Since people are pursuing multiple audio-visual enjoyment in nightclubs, lighting has undoubtedly become one of the key elements for a nightclub to successfully attract customers. So, what kind of lighting can win the hearts of the audience in the nightclub?

If there can be only one kind of light in the nightclub, the beam will undoubtedly be elected. It can produce a sharp beam and also emit a dynamic effect of interlaced time and space through the prism, and change different colors with the music, with a three-dimensional space modeling beauty, effectively mobilizing the audience’s emotions. The representative model is LIGHT SKY’s MINI LUNAR, which is a beam specially designed for bars, using a USHIO 300W bulb. The beam is very sharp, small in size, and extremely fast in pan/tilt movement, which can fully match all kinds of music.

                                                                                            Light Sky-Mini Lunar

In addition to the head-moving beam light above, the pixel bar beam below is also a good choice. This is PL1015B from LIGHT SKY, which uses 10pcs of 15W LED chips. This power is also very suitable for bars.

                                                                                          Light Sky -PL1015B

Wash is also very important in the bar. Wash can well create the overall atmosphere, increase the sense of atmosphere, highlight the theme, and make the audience better immersed in it. Wash normally adopts LED light source, which has the characteristics of long life and energy saving, such as the 2022 new arrival PEARL WASH, from LIGHT SKY. This is a moving head wash with 12pcs of 40W LED chips, with pure color and good lighting effect.

The above beam and wash have only a single function. Here I would like to introduce a 3 in 1 multi-function light that integrates beam, wash and spot. Hybrid is a rising star in the stage lighting industry in recent years. Making such a lighting with powerful comprehensive ability is a great test for the production process of the manufacturer. LIGHT SKY has also made great efforts in the Hybrid. Now it has launched the third-generation 3 in 1 moving head light-AURORA. It features OSRAM’s 471W bulb, built-in CMY and double prism. Its performance and effect are greatly improved. If you are also looking for a Hybrid with comprehensive strength, this is a good choice.

                                                                                                 Light Sky-Aurora

Light Sky’s lightings now are very popular in nightclubs around the world, with its stable performance and cool effect. If you are looking for lighting for nightclubs, it is suggested to have a look at LIGHT SKY.