How many type of lighting source is available in stage lighting field


As we all know , with the development of the lighting source , during these years , some new light source types have been applied to stage lighting equipments, here we would like to make a brief instruction about four types lighting source.


A ,LED Chip

LED chip started with 1W and 3W , each LED chip can only with Red or Green or Blue or White , one color ,one LED chip .  so, at that time , the LED par/wash stage lighting we saw were like 54pcs *3W , 108pcs *3W , 120Wpcs *1W etc .  While with the technology development of LED chip , Nowadays 10W /15W /20W/30W/40W/60W RGBW 4 in 1  or RGBL 4 in 1 are the common LED chips using in the stage lighting fixture .

The most popular LED chip manufactures are OSRAM , PHILIPS , CREE, TYANSHINE. And different stage lighting manufacture choose different brand LED chip according to the price , service and color quality etc provide by LED chip supplier . For example , China professional stage lighting manufacture LIGHTSKY , the LED chip they are using are from OSRAM and TYANSHINE. 

The following is LIGHTSKY ‘s AQUAPEARL-PRO, which is using Osram ‘s 40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chip , it is a IP66 waterproof LED moving pixel beam wash , the function with individual LED control , ZOOM angle from 4.5 to 60 degree , lens rotation can create kaleidoscope effects. Quite similar to Clay Paky’s B-eye series K15.


B New Energy Lamp

When it comes to Lamp, many people would think of the Big Power HTI lamp like 575W , 1200W , 2500W from Osram and Philips. But these big power consumption lamp were past , they have been  replacing by new energy saving lamp like 230W , 330W , 450W and coming 600W Lamp .

What are the advantages of these new energy saving lamp? Let us take Osram Sirius HRI 440 lamp as an example to explain .

First , Although Osram Sirius HRI 440 lamp ‘s power is only 440W ,  the brightness can reach HTI 1200W lamp’s brightness . So, with new lamp , we can save more electricity power during our event or project .

Second , Osram Sirius HRI 440 lamp ‘s average life span is 1200H, but HTI 1200W lamp’s life span is only 750H . So, with new energy lamp,  we can save lamp cost as well.

For HTI lamp, with same power ,Philips and Osram’s lamp can exchange freely . but new energy saving lamp is different , because this kind of lamp is small power but super high brightness , so, the  source’s luminous point is different and super hot, which request the temperature cooling system different , so, for Osram and Philips New energy lamp they can not exchange any more .  

Therefore if you bought LIGHTSKY’s F230II beam , which adopts Osram Sirius HRI 230 lamp, once the lamp damaged , you can only buy Osram Sirius HRI 230 lamp to replace . or your F230II beam would have a lot burning issue.

Lastly , Do not forget another new manufacture of new energy saving lamp : USHIO from Japan. Ushio lamp these years with its wide durability of temperature and stable quality have been getting nice  market share from Philips and Osram. Especially Ushio company 400W long life span lamp : NSL400L, which is highly adopted by many supplier : Such as  CLF lighting ‘s  IP65 waterproof moving head 400W beam -POSEIDON BEAM , P65 waterproof moving head 400W beam spot wash -POSEIDON HYBRID  and LIGHTSKY’s 400W Moving head beam–AQUABEAM400LL.

All above lighting fixture are with USHIO’s NSL400L, which is maximum life span is 4000H.

The following are the photo of how the new energy lamp looks like

C, LED Module

With more nations pay attention on the environment friendly , the stage lighting with LED module as lighting source have been catching more eyes from customers ,particularity for European and USA market . LED module can be divided into color LED module and white LED module , and white LED module is more popular for its higher brightness .

LED module moving head light is famous for its long life span and low damage rate , the average life span of the LED module is 50000H,and if no big accident happened , the LED modules would work peacefully in its whole life .  But by comparing with Lamp , the disadvantage of the LED module is Low brightness and High cost . So, just like the saying goes Every Coin Has Two Sides.

Anyway, LED module is the tendency of the stage lighting development , so, all the stage lighting manufacture are doing the LED module equipment, not only for indoor ,but also for outdoor .

Such as  IP66 outdoor Moving Head 1200W LED spot & profile–SHARK PROFILE , Indoor 1400W LED spot & profile –Super Scope Max , indoor 580W LED spot & profile–Super Scope from LIGHTSKY ,a  professional stage lighting manufacture from China . All of them are White LED module , professional framing system , rotation gobo wheel, color wheel +CMY +CTO, Prism , ZOOM, Focus etc .

The following are the photo of how the LED module looks like

D, Laser Module

Like LED module , in current market , laser module also have color laser module and white laser module two types available. For the Color laser module, presently the most popular models in the world is CLAY PAKY’s indoor Xtylos and outdoor Xtylos Aqua. These two models are high level laser beam in the market , until now , in the market no model can compete with them.

As to white laser module , the most popular power is 260W, many stage lighting manufacture adopts this white laser as laser beam is because of its long distance sharp beam and long life span:12000H.

LIGHTSKY as a TOP stage lighting manufacture in China , Its IP66 waterproof 260W white laser beam–SHARK LASER has been launched into market in 2021, until now LIGHTSKY’s laser beam is widely praised by its client for its high brightness and good quality . as the laser beam , LIGHTSKY’s  SHARK Laser with CMY color system , 190mm diameter’s optical lens, the brightness is 1750000 lux @10m etc.  If you need laser beam , Lightsky’s SHARK LASER would be a good choice.  Here is the SHARK Laser details :

The following are the photo of how the laser module looks like


Hope my sharing can help you !