LightSky Lighting Fixtures Shine at the 14th sports games of Hunan

On September 8, 2022, the 14th Sports Games of Hunan was held in the beautiful setting of the Yueyang Sports Center, with rows of LIGHTSKY lighting fixtures illuminated the stage performance space and the audience.

Hunan , a southern province in China with a population of 68.99 million. Held every four years, the 14th Hunan Games is the highest-standard, largest and most influential sports event in Hunan.

The opening ceremony of the sports games was based on a romantic and aesthetic artistic tone, combined with VR technology and structural projection, to create a unique performing arts space in the venue, bringing the audience an immersive stereoscopic visual experience.

Yuan Siqi, the co-director of the opening ceremony of the Sports Games, said that this Games canceled the previous performance method of crowd tactics, and realized that only more than 3,000 people filled the entire venue. Realize the three-dimensional fusion of sea, land and air by means of ground imaging technology + UAV.

To maximize the performance among the stage lighting, performers, and overall environment, stage lighting designer Zhang He used indoor 1200W LED spot & profile -Super Scope Max and indoor 580W LED spot & profile -Super Scope to create a splendid stage lighting effect.

Zhang He positioned the LIGHTSKY Super Scope Max around the stadium with the LIGHTSKY Super Scope on top of the sports department.

Light Sky LED moving spot profile – Super Scope Max adopts 1200-watt LED light source, which can bring high-definition and stable surface light to the scene, and can also supplement the effect of ground impact.

The powerful beam of the beam light Super Scope made all stage managers ecstatic. In addition, its response speed is very fast, and it matches the activity rhythm well to produce high-brightness and high-purity beams.

At the opening ceremony of the sports games, LIGHTSKY professional LED stage lights performed “perfectly”, combining with the stage to bring atmospheric and shocking visual effects.


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