The application of high-quality waterproof moving head lights in tourism


China is an old country with 5000 years history of civilization. Recently the Chinese government has vigorously advocated cultural tourism, inherited Chinese culture, and promoted the development of Chinese culture and economy. High-quality waterproof moving head lights play a very important role in the cultural tourism economy. IP66 waterproof moving head lights are the most commonly used lights in outdoor lighting projects. The projects often choose a relatively excellent lighting brand, and LIGHT SKY is one of them. The application of IP66 outdoor moving head lights mainly includes the following aspects:

A. Landmark Building—-Canton Tower

Guangzhou International Lighting Festival is one of the famous lighting festivals which is held near Canton Tower. The lights which were often used in the Guangzhou Lighting Festival included high-power waterproof moving head lights, led waterproof moving head wash lights, led waterproof par lights, and so on. Take the 10th Guangzhou International Lighting as an example, which used LIGHT SKY SHARK 450, AQUAPEARL-PRO, PL6103, a total of more than 200 lights. Along with the rhythm of the Pearl River, looking at the Canton Tower in the distance, the bright lights are sometimes dynamic and energetic. And sometimes, the combined lighting and shadow look like magic. What a nice night!

B. International Transnational Waterfall—–Detian Waterfall (the largest transnational waterfall in Asia)

Detian Waterfall is located in Detian Village, Shuolong Town, Daxin County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on the upper reaches of Guichun River on the border between China and Vietnam. Detian Waterfall is the largest transnational waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest in the world. LIGHT SKY SHARK BEAM and SUNNY were used in Detian waterfall. The local government has integrated folk performances into it, attracting a large number of tourists.

C. Drunk on the Bund – The Bund in Shanghai

It has long been regarded as the landmark of Shanghai and a symbol of the city. In Lujiazui, Pudong, across the river from the Bund, including Shanghai’s landmark Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Building, and Shanghai Center, the 2nd China International Import Expo is grandly opened in Shanghai. There will be a beautiful lighting show on both sides of the beautiful Huangpu River that night! Just as the lighting show during the National Day, LIGHT SKY will be responsible for all the lighting, and its sharp and full beam will once again illuminate both sides of the Pujiang River.

D. The famous glass plank road—Qingyuan Huangteng Gorge

Huangtengxia Tianmen Hanging Corridor, supported by three giant columns of steel-concrete structure, looks like a double racket crossed on a high mountain. Straight to the sky! It is called the “big racket.” It is the largest glass plank road in China. At first, the owners used common quality waterproof lights. Some lights are often broken. Finally, the owner directly found the best waterproof lighting manufacturer in China. All lighting uses LIGHT SKY SHARK 450 BEAM. Stable quality and colorful lighting, which made the owner speak highly of LIGHT SKY.

High-quality waterproof moving head lights have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese cultural tourism economy and promote the development of the Chinese cultural tourism economy. Welcome to share more international famous outdoor waterproof lighting project cases.