What Makes a Perfect Stage Wash Lighting?

Are you looking for different lighting products to design the perfect stage lighting effect everywhere you see on TV shows and concerts? But even after sieving through countless brands and trying their multiple expensive lighting equipment, you still can’t figure out whether it’s the moving beam lights you want or the moving wash lights you need?

Regardless of everything, the fact is that the stage lighting designs for entertainment productions that we all get fascinated by often include the moving beam lights and the moving wash lights. But can you pull off the same eye-candy effect for your stage wash lighting? The answer might still remain unknown. Fortunately, we have the ultimate solution to all your moving head light problems, which you can discover by the end of this information guide.

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Differences Between Moving Beam Lights and Wash Lights

The fundamental difference between the moving beam lighting and stage wash lighting can be evaluated by the two core factors that are mentioned below:

  • Working Principle

The moving beam light working principle focuses on its light emission source at a particular focal point so that more laser bright beams radiate to produce the effect prominently. To be more precise, the moving beam light comprises systems such as optical, electrical, mechanical, and program control regulating different moving head features. Thus, the components involved in these operations include a high voltage power, a rectifier that generates partial pressure with the lamp filled with gas, a trigger that only activates when the bulb is turned on, the light bulb (or lamp), and finally, the temperature control for heat dissipation purpose.

However, the working principle of wash lights is to evenly distribute the soft luminaire spots, which are emitted out from the center of the stage wash lighting instrument. The stage wash lighting practically functions with the help of components like a junction box, electrical wires, lamp and holder, reflector, and the transparent lens. Further, parabolic reflectors are preferred for projecting light at a specific target, while elliptical reflectors typically do the trick.

  • Application Scenarios

Moving beam lights are famous for their impeccable qualities like sharp brightness, long throws, and edgy light impact. Therefore, the moving beam light is mainly used to enhance a beautiful scene at a party, church, or school with a solid visual effect. Besides, its creative and dynamic beam look effectively sets the mood and gets the crowd going along the beat.    

In contrast, the wash lights are famous for their significant pixel effects and remarkable zoom ranges. All these stage wash lighting traits make it ideal for crowd-blinding festivals with a massive stage audience. Plus, productions and light designers adore this out-of-the-box creation for explosive situations on entertainment stages, like dance floors and such. Other than that, stage wash lighting is also capable of uniformly covering the entire area with colorful settings for even architectural places.

Both Make a Perfect Stage Wash Lighting

As you know, the moving beam light has relatively different uses and benefits than the distinct wash light attributes. But when both of these standalone lighting instruments come together in collaboration, they literally set the stage on fire. As flabbergasting as it may sound, this solution has yielded unbelievable results. Hence, the possible stage wash lighting perfection you can get out of this incredibly lit combo is only limited to your creative imagination.  

The Best Product to Highlight Your Desired Moment?

After knowing the secret to perfect stage wash lighting, now it’s time to select which products will take you closer to your magical stage settings. Accordingly, please allow us to recommend to you the newly launched “MINI LUNAR” (Discharge moving beam light) and the “TX1920-ZOOM” (LED moving wash) by Light Sky.

The MINI LUNAR moving beam light product possesses attractive functionality traits like a longer lifespan of the lamp (2000h), the powerful visual effect of the discharge moving beams, multicolor prisms, bright colors, good saturation levels, fast response, and accurate vertical and horizontal positioning fixture capabilities. These attractive qualities add to its value and desirability aspects.

The TX1920-ZOOM stage wash lighting product has advanced moving LED features to perform multifunctional activities simultaneously. Also, the built-in color calibration system and the three different modes of work configurations – silent, standard, and ultra-bright.


In the end, don’t overlook the crucial step of partnering up with the best stage wash lighting manufacturer. Speaking of a reliable lighting partner, Light Sky meets all the conditions as we are trusted by over 1000+ business partners around the globe. Our tremendous collection of 560+ honor certifications proves that we have an unparalleled credibility caliber. Hence, regardless of whether you need the LED stage lights or any other kind of moving beam light, Light Sky is the one-stop solution for all your lighting needs.