STAGE LIGHTING: What Do I Need for a Small Size Lighting Show?


If you going to establish a small size lighting show production company, one of the main equipment is a lighting system, then what are basic lights do you need? How can the lighting effects take an average performance to new heights on a relatively small budget?

Generally speaking, the following lighting could ensure the right mix for your production:

1. Wash Fixtures/Moving Wash Fixtures

Traditionally, wash fixtures are used for backlighting and ground washes. Par, Fresnel, strip LED bar, and moving wash lights are all available, such as moving head wash lighting, LIGHTSKY TX1920 Zoom.

With a 19pcs * 20W RGBW macro color system and a wide zoom angle of 7-55°. They offer a soft edge and bathe an area in the colors instead of focusing on a point or actor. So if you have a limited budget, you may want to start there.

2. Moving Beam Fixtures

Beam light is also one way to get attention at an event, and it has a near-zero degree beam output from a large-diameter lens.

Not only does it throw far, but it is also compact and lightweight – which means it can move very, very fast. So if you’ve watched any concert in the last few years, there is a good chance you’ve seen these fixtures in action. They can be an interesting addition to high-energy musicals or similar shows.

 (LIGHT SKY Bumblebee Beam Series in Russia)

3. Hybrid Fixtures/Beam Spot Wash 3 in 1 moving head lighting

As moving light technology continues to improve, now the fixture is not only one function. This is a big improvement, it can switch between beam spot and wash mode smoothly, and lighting designers can play a lot of fun with it!

For example, the AURORA from LIGHT SKY is one of the professional Hybrid fixtures and an independent CMY color mixing system.

       (AURORA in Jakarta of Indonesia)

Refer to the overviews above and select lights from each of the categories you’ll want to use, and you can have everything you need for a starting production.