Light Sky’s PL1915: A New Arrival of Par Stage Lights

Par stage lights fall among the widely employed lighting systems in the universal entertainment business, regardless of whether it’s an indoor theater performance or an outdoor location event like weddings, parties, concerts, or anything else. The bottom line is that all sorts of stages are genuinely fond of par stage lights and the remarkable impact it leaves on the entire ambiance.

Are you also looking for par stage lights designed with modern technology features? If indeed, then look no further because the Light Sky brand has launched a new product that happens to be what you might need. You would be glad to know that we have a quick preview of a couple of its specifications. Let’s delve into the discussion.      

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How Do Par Stage Lights Enhance the Stage Atmosphere?

To begin with, PAR is short for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. Sometimes, it is also regarded as a PAR lamp. Thus, par stage lights are the one thing you would hear the most, especially when it comes to the stage light settings. The lighting designers adore this lighting equipment for making things lit up.

If you wonder how these par stage lights create this magical atmosphere on stage, then the answer is simple – it’s an exclusive set of components. Subsequently, the light radiation is enclosed inside an oval-shaped beam unit that draws its energy from an LED source (or a lamp).

Other than that, a reflector converges the striking light to a specific target, along with a transparent lens. Consequently, all these distinct parts emit a crisp light perfectly compatible with the different lighting effects and deep and true-to-life colorations.   

The atmosphere gets enhanced, primarily when the par stage lights use their delicate light dimming technology and sound beam effects. They give away a smooth switch between theater or stage scenes and allow the audience to stay connected without missing a beat.

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Light Sky’s New Arrival: PL1915 Par Stage Lights

Regardless of the scene that you have to capture under special lighting, you won’t go wrong if you choose the Light Sky’s new arrival: PL1915 par stage lights. They come out with various unique features, including the LED beam effect that gives you a solid reason to check them out.

Mentioned below are a few of the other features:

  1. Various Color Temperature Effects

Light Sky’s innovative par stage lights can be adjusted according to your special moments since they can provide dynamic visual effects to the scenes that require some suitable modification settings. That’s when these various preset options come into play.

The preset variety includes an impressive color temperature range: 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, 6800K, 7600K, and even 8500K. The best part is that all these color temperature effects can be selected to add a direct impact that can be used to highlight different scenes on different occasions. You can also adjust the color temperature saturation through the R, G, and B channel control system.

  1. One-Button Lighting Function

Another impressive quality of these spar stage lights is that they have a single button that quickly switches from one light effect to another. Accordingly, it has a smooth and natural transition of both light and color. At the same time, the light brightness after a fast flash is also maintained by the function of the ultra-bright strobe. Such quick and flexible ways of smartly realizing the light function switch make these par stage lights a lot more user-friendly than the others.

  1. Advanced Technology Features

Last but not least, here comes the time to mention some advanced lighting features. These impeccably formulated spar stage lights contain high-tech traits that add convenience to the user experience. More precisely, these innovative technology characteristics include a lightweight aluminum body, energy efficiency and environment-friendliness, ultra-quiet split design for fast flashing of bright light, durable lamp with extended life warranty, and much more.   

 Light Sky As a Reliable Supplier of Lighting Products

After knowing a few of the beneficial features of Light Sky’s newly launched product – PL1915 par stage lights – it’s time to understand why you should trust Light Sky out of all? Well, if you study the product from a technical perspective, it will certainly tell you a lot about our innovative abilities as a professional zoom LED par manufacturer.  

Moreover, our solid industrial background in the field gives us enough credibility and a definite edge against market competitors. Our high-quality products meet the standard of international customers, making them proudly export their lighting products across the globe.