F230II (Bumblebee Series) was used in CCTV–15( Music)

Broadcasting channel: CCTV-15 ( Music )

"Le Xianghui"is a high-level performing and singing program that newly launched by the Music Channel in 2017. In May of 2018, through the upgrading and enhancement of stage lights and improvement of other equipment,its new look was presented to the audience again.

Based on the idea of “Minimalism”, the design of whole stage lighting had a strong sense of perspective. Nearly 200 LIGHT SKY’s F230II (Bumblebee Series)and TX0610BEAM ( Minibee Series)was adopted in the whole stage.

Many popular singers, like Jiuyueqiji ,Yun Duo , Husileng , Jiangyang Zhuoma and Chen Sisi, etc., has come to give their performance.

With the merits of high brightness, high-quality color, fast-paced response, and excellent synchronization consistency, LIGHT SKY’s F230II is regarded as one of the classic products in the field of stage lighting. It has been widely used in many important occasions: CCTV-1 "Spring Festival Gala", CCTV-1 "3.15 Evening Party", CCTV-2 "Yichuidingyin", CCTV-3 "Art Life", CCTV-3 "The Golden 100 Seconds", CCTV-5 "Who is the King of Dance", CCTV-3 "Music Festival", CCTV-1 "Zhengda Variety ", CCTV-4 "Chinese Love", etc.