LIGHT SKY has shined on CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2018

The CCTV Spring Gala of 2018 was broadcast on the CCTV-3 Variety Channel and CCTV Network on the evening of February 8th . The Spring Festival Gala was based on the theme of “Creating a new era for the dream of building a strong nation”. It has integrated science and technology with humanities to give the party a cultural value beyond entertainment. The Spring Festival Gala always captures the latest and hottest new Internet products, and uses the “Internet +Literature & Art” model to innovate the form of show.

In 2018, the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala was decorated with prismatic shapes and LED screens. With the use of LIGHTSKY’s 300 Bumblebee F230II and 100 Mini Bee TX1810Z, the entire stage has presented a strong visual effects!

With superior color rendering and high synchronization, LIGHTSKY has won the strong interest from stage art masters , and has applied in many occasions, for instance, "Spring Festival Gala" at CCTV-1, "3.15 Gala" at CCTV-1, " YiChuiDingYin " at CCTV -2, "Art Life" at CCTV-3, "Gold 100 Seconds" at CCTV-3, "Who is the King of Dance " at CCTV-5, "Music Festival" at CCTV-3, "Zhengda Variety" at CCTV-1, "China

Feelings" at CCTV-4, "ZhengQiDouYan" at CCTV-15, "Longing for Live" at CCTV-15, "Chinese Literature & Art" at CCTV-4, "Folk Songs in China" at CCTV-15, " Focusing on "Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers" at CCTV-7 and many other fantastic programs.

In 2018, the guest and lineup of CCTV Network Spring Gala was terrific. Richie Jen, Laure Shang, BiBi Zhou , Summer, and Phoenix Legend have made their performance on the stage. Newcomers such as Neo , YHBOYS, ZERO-G, BOYSTORY and BEJ48 has also been presented.

In 2018, CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala continued the real-time singing session. The Olympic champion,Sun Yang and the famous singer, BiBi Zhou have cooperated with peace-keeping forces and front-line researchers to conduct the concert. The real-time singing session has built an interactive platform for the heroes behind the cutting-edge technology of our country and national netizens, showing the joyful atmosphere of the celebration on the Internet.