Things You Won’t Believe What Beam Spot Wash Can Do for the Stage

Stage show directors, producers, and other behind-the-scenes crews burn the midnight oil to make their shows a success. The role of beam spot wash in stage shows can not be undermined, as these lights help introduce energy to your show. When these lights keep the audience focused and help them stay in touch with the show, the whole show becomes successful in the end.


What Can Beam Spot Wash Bring to A Stage?

Beam spot wash has a wide range of benefits for stage shows, including:


  • Illuminating Effect and Focus

Beam spot wash brings illuminating effects and focuses on the stage, which enriches the audience experience. If the audience is not focused, they will soon lose interest in any stage show, but the presence of beam spot wash helps them keep focused on the actual scene.


  • Setting the Scene

Another prominent benefit of using beam spot washes is to set the scene perfectly for any stage show. This allows the audience only to look at the focused point where light is falling, so they can keep up with the show without missing anything.  


  • Evoking Emotions

Lighting products play a crucial role in evoking the emotions of the audience. In any stage show, evoking the emotions of the audience is extremely critical so that people can connect with the content which you have to offer. Increasing or decreasing the lights properly is the best way to create the stage atmosphere.

AURORA from Light Sky

Light Sky introduces a state-of-the-art beam moving head light, AURORA, for modern-day stage show lighting applications. Some of the notable features and advantages of AURORA include:


  • Multiple prism combinations& 3+1 Double prism wheel, which helps smooth rotation of the light;
  • A long lifespancan reach 1500 hours on average;
  • Offers13 colors + white and bidirectional and rainbow effects, which allows you to illuminate the stage as per your needs;
  • 23 ultra-quiet motors, so you do not need to worry about the noise of the motors, which can disrupt your stage shows otherwise;
  • Switch of the lamp can be controlled remotely, which helps you in turning them on and off immediately in a timely manner during the show;
  • The cooling fan of these LED spot moving heads is automatically adjustable, which ensures that the light does not heat up too much;
  • G-Sensor system can be used to adjust heat dissipation for lamps, which saves the machines from any damage;
  • IP rating reaches IP20, which ensures the long life and performance of the equipment.

Light Sky’s Other Products

Light Sky is not a company that solely deals in beam spot wash lights. In fact, we have mastered the art so much that they are manufacturing a wide range of lightening products, including:


  • LED Moving Wash
  • LED Moving Spot Profile
  • Moving Head Beam
  • Follow Spot
  • Theater Lighting
  • LED Par
  • Outdoor Moving Beams
  • Lamp Moving Spot Profile


Wrapping Up

Light Sky is a leading stage lights manufacturer in China, which is redefining the whole lighting industry. With over 30 years of rigorous research experience, we are manufacturing state-of-the-art products that are capable of serving various types of industries ranging from architecture to entertainment.


We have more than 130 patents and numerous awards under our name since we were founded in 1993. Due to our highly efficient technology, Light Sky’s products are widely used in Chinese television stations. Similarly, many national events also use our products, which speak volumes about our efficacy. For more information about LED spot moving head, please contact us!