The lighting equipment which is commonly used in club


Clubs are the place where you relax yourselves. Now many young people like to go to clubs to relax on the weekend and relieve their fatigue from work. A good atmosphere is important for clubs. The stage lighting equipment can set off the atmosphere well. Which lighting equipment is commonly used in the club?

First of all, moving head beam lights are most commonly used in the club. Beam light is one of the most classic products in the stage lighting industry. The market has been flooded with beam lights. Since LIGHT SKY launched the first bumblebee beam light In China in 2011, the beam lights required by the club should be durable, fast, accurate in positioning, and have a strong beam effect. The MINI LUNAR (300W super beam light), launched by LIGHT SKY recently, is a very good choice.

Led moving head wash light is also necessary for the club. The club owner requires lights to be small and easy to install. At the same time, it should be multifunctional for led moving head wash light. LED BEAM350 from ROBE lighting has been very popular recently (12PCS 40W LED MOVING HEAD WASH LIGHT). However, many clubs could not afford such expensive lights after the epidemic. PEARL WASH is launched by LIGHT SKY. It is beam wash effect 2 in 1. 12pcs 40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED, rotational lens. Three LEDs as one group, which can be controlled in groups. The most important thing is that the price is very attractive.

It often plays an important role in the club when young people enjoy the most exciting moment: The explosive music is accompanied by impactful strobe lighting. So we are missing the happiness of the ocean.

BAR LIGHT, as the background lighting of the club, is also a very good choice. This kind of light is generally 1-meter length, which can be controlled and spliced into different shapes.

Guys, what is your favorite club? Let’s go to the club and dance together on the weekend in a beautiful mood!