Lightsky’s Moving Head : the Choice of Joia Napoli Club in Italy

Joia Napoli Club is a well-known destination for partygoers in Italy. The club’s stunning light setup is a major factor in creating an immersive atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more. Joia Napoli is constantly innovating in art form, programming, and color through research and exploration. Their lighting equipment, which includes Lightsky F230II, Aurora, and TX1920Zoom, is used to create different lighting effects for everyone, thanks to the outstanding lighting designers and programmers.

Lightsky F230II is a high-quality beam moving head light that boasts an inner lens diameter of φ145mm. It is equipped with an Osram Sirius (230W) bulb that makes the light spot more uniform and brighter. With its affordable price and exciting visual effects, the F230II is a must-have for any bar looking to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Another exceptional choice from Lightsky is the TX1920Zoom. This fixture features TYANSHINE 19X20W RGBW 4-in-1 LED chips, offering stable performance and a long lifespan. The integrated combination optical lens delivers high brightness and versatility. Whether you want to create subtle mood lighting or vibrant color displays, the TX1920Zoom has you covered.

Finally, the Moving Beam Spot Wash AURORA is made of heat-resistant plastic + molded alloy material housing and has a beautiful appearance. This spot moving head light is designed and manufactured strictly with CE standards, meeting international standards. It is suitable for large live performances and theaters.

We would like to thank Domenico Riccardo and his team of lighting designers and programmers for using Lightsky’s best-selling products to create stunning lighting displays at Joia Napoli Club. With Lightsky’s innovative lighting fixtures, your bar can achieve the same level of visual spectacle.

Lightsky Moving Head Lamps are the secret to creating a mesmerizing bar experience that keeps your patrons engaged and entertained all night long.Contact us today to discover how Lightsky can elevate your bar experience to new heights.