Lightsky Shark Profile: Illuminating Alejandra Guzmán’s Unforgettable Performance at Mexico’s CDMX Arena

On October 26th, the iconic “Queen of Rock” Alejandra Guzmán delivered an electrifying performance at Mexico’s CDMX Arena, leaving the audience in awe. What made this moment even more memorable was the captivating illumination provided by the Lightsky Shark Profile-IP66 LED Moving Spot Profile. Alejandra Guzmán, known as the “Queen of Rock” in Latin America, is a Mexican singer-songwriter with a remarkable career spanning several decades.

When Alejandra Guzmán took the stage at Arena CDMX, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation. As the first notes of her iconic songs filled the air, the Lightsky Shark Profile illuminated the stage, creating a mesmerizing display of light and color. The lighting engineer, MAX GONZALEZ, cleverly utilized the Lightsky Shark Profile to create unforgettable lighting effects.

The powerful 1200W LED white source of the Lightsky Shark Profile illuminated the entire stage with a brilliance that was impossible to ignore. Its high brightness and long lifespan ensured that Alejandra Guzmán remained the focal point throughout her performance, commanding attention with every move she made.

The high precision optical lens system, with its φ186mm front lens, created a stunning projection of light that reached every corner of the venue. At a distance of 10 meters, the illumination intensity reached an impressive 29000 lux, enveloping the stage in a radiant glow. The spotlight’s exceptional performance was further highlighted by its ability to maintain an edge brightness that was 85% of the center brightness, resulting in a uniform spot projection that added depth and dimension to the artist’s presence.

The Lightsky Shark Profile’s zoom function, which ranged from 6° to 50°, allowed for dynamic control over the size and focus of the light beam. This versatility enabled Alejandra Guzmán’s performance to be enhanced with a range of lighting effects, from tightly focused spots that accentuated her every movement to wide washes that engulfed the entire stage in a sea of color.

Furthermore, the Lightsky Shark Profile’s IP66 rating ensured its resilience in the face of demanding conditions. Its dustproof, waterproof, and oilproof design allowed it to withstand the rigors of live performances, guaranteeing a reliable and consistent lighting experience for both the artist and the audience.

In conclusion, the Lightsky Led moving head Shark Profile was the excellent lighting solution for Alejandra Guzmán’s momentous performance at Arena CDMX. Its high brightness, precision optical lens system, versatile functions, and durability created an immersive atmosphere that perfectly complemented Alejandra Guzmán’s music and stage presence. Thanks to lighting engineer MAX GONZALEZ and customers for their support. If you are interested in learning more about this exceptional product, please do not hesitate to contact us.