The Electrifying Boris Brejcha Concert in Hungary Lit Up by LightSky moving head Aurora

On November 11st, 2023, the Papu Laszlo Stadium in Budapest was lit up by more than 130 Lightsky moving heads Aurora during the highly anticipated Boris Brejcha concert. As a highly talented music producer and DJ with a unique style that is beloved by fans, Boris Brejcha has founded his own record label and achieved global success through touring and critical acclaim for his music works. Overall, he is a prominent figure in the electronic music industry.

Many music lovers in Hungary flocked to the Papu Laszlo Stadium to experience the grand music banquet that Boris Brejcha had in store for them. Lightsky BSW moving head aurora illuminated the stage and exuded their charm with the music atmosphere, creating a mesmerizing visual display that enhanced the overall concert experience.

Lightsky BSW moving head lights aurora, equipped with 3 + 1 double prism and various prism combination effects, added a new dimension to the concert experience. These dynamic lighting fixtures were intelligently upgraded via USB, allowing lighting designers to unleash their creativity and synchronize the lights perfectly with Boris Brejcha’s music. The audience was treated to a breathtaking display as the lights danced in harmony with the pulsating beats, creating an immersive and captivating experience.

The installation of the Lightsky BSW moving head was made easy thanks to its hidden locking device and folding clamp. Many thanks to professional lighting designers Bence Papp and Kornelia Gal for sharing this event and choosing us.

Overall, the Lightsky Aurora moving Lights played a significant role in making the Boris Brejcha concert a memorable experience for all those who attended. If you are interested in learning more about Lightsky’s products, please contact us directly.

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