Lightsky Moving Head Lights Steal the Show at Giants of Africa festival 2023

On August 19th, 2023, Lightsky moving head lights added splendor to the Giants of Africa Festival  and became the visual highlight of the entire show. The Giants of Africa Festival, held at the newly renovated BK Arena, is one of the biggest concerts of the year, with performances from Tyla, Bruce Melodie, Tiwa Savage and Davido.

Lighting designers used a combination of Lightsky Super Scope Max, Mini Lunar and Tx1920zoom fixtures to create stunning visuals that enhanced the artist’s performance. The Super scope max moving head is particularly impressive, with its 1200W LED light source and high-efficiency optical lenses that produce a penetrating beam. Its professional and efficient optical system, 8x optical zoom and high light source utilization ensure good uniformity throughout the venue.

In addition to its impressive brightness and penetration, LED moving Spot Profile Super scope max has many other features that make it a powerful and well-rounded lighting option. The CMY linear mixing capabilities are particularly impressive, allowing colors to be blended into pure reds, bright greens, and deep blues. Linear CTO extends CMY color mixing capabilities and allows the color temperature characteristics of white light to be controlled between 6500K and 3000K. The professional cutting system is another outstanding feature of Super scope max , which can continuously and smoothly cut triangles, quadrilaterals, fan shapes, arcs and other changing patterns in any direction without deformation.

MINI LUNAR Moving Head Lights and Tx1920zoom moving wash were also used to create various color effects, adding to the overall experience of the event. Lamp moving beam MINI LUNAR has a beam intensity of 375000LUX/10m, making it a powerful and visually stunning lighting option. LED moving wash TX1920 ZOOM has stable performance and long life. Its integrated combined optical lens has the characteristics of high brightness, long life and multi-function.

All in all, the combination of Lightsky moving head lights created a stunning visual effect for the closing concert of the Giants of Africa Festival , bringing an unforgettable experience to the audience. If you are interested in our lamps, please contact us directly!


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