LIGHTSKY SHARK450 Moving Beam Impress on “City walk in Jeddah season” and More

LIGHTSKY SHARK450 Moving Beam impress on “City walk in Jeddah season” project, held from May 17, 2022 to June 30, 2022.

The ” City walk in Jeddah season ” ” project is one of the most powerful tourism projects implemented by the Saudi government, making Jeddah one of the most important tourist attractions.

Jeddah is a port city in the Mecca province of Saudi Arabia, with a population of more than 3.4 million. This is a project full of diversity, mainly composed of 9 sub-areas: Horror Village, Animation Village, Motorcycle Exhibition, and Hot Wheels Exhibition. Each area has its own unique shows, events and adventures, as well as fireworks every Thursday.

It is unparalleled in its construction and a classic tribute to the art and music of the ocean”. As the company responsible for the lighting effects of this project, Media Pro installed LIGHTSKY Shark450 moving head lights in one of the landmark buildings in “City walk in Jeddah season” area, integrating the lighting fixture into the “ocean”.

IP66 Beam & BSW Shark450 is mainly installed in water curtain fountains. With CMY color mixing system and intelligent temperature control sealed cooling system, it has strong waterproof, dustproof and oilproof functions, and provide a high-brightness long-distance beam light. With the double prism system, Outdoor moving beam-SHARK450 can fast switch the beam lights according to the speed of the water flow and the music, providing unparalleled scenery for tourists.

During the project, LIGHTSKY moving head light shark450 performed well. Many tourists had a great experience in this “City walk in Jeddah season” area full of stories and art.

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