What is the difference between Laser , Lamp and LED source ?

With the EU’s increasingly strict environmental regulations, sustainable development has become a global consensus, and the professional stage lighting industry has also reached its moment of innovation. High Performance lamps, LEDs, and lasers, these three mainstream light sources each hold their ground but also face their limitations. On March 8, 2024, the Lighting Europe extended the effective period for the use of bulbs to 2030. Even so, the heat dissipation issue of bulb light sources remains a significant challenge limiting their product lifespan and environmental benefits.

Facing this challenge, LIGHT SKY has not only introduced new DTCS (Dynamic Thermal Control System) heat dissipation technology to continuously optimize the heat dissipation problem of High Performance lamps sources but also continued to push forward on environmentally friendly light source products, developing more products conducive to sustainable development. In the beam light series, we have launched the Mini Lunar Aqua with High Performance lamps sources, the Scope Beam with LED sources, and the Mini Lunar Laser with laser sources. To address diverse application scenarios, our technology research and development team employs reliable methods to optimize heat dissipation technology, ensuring sustained stability of the light sources and more efficient utilization of light effects. Each product reflects our firm belief in technological innovation and environmental commitment.


Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Three Light Sources

In the field of professional stage lighting, choosing and using light sources is challenging. Traditional High Performance lamps have been continuously favored in the Chinese market due to their strong penetration power and low cost threshold, but their higher energy consumption and high loss bring maintenance costs and environmental pressure that cannot be ignored. Laser light sources, with their high luminance, strong beam, and long life, have shown their unique value in special application scenarios. Compared to Traditional High Performance lamps, laser sources have longer lifespans and higher energy efficiency, but their higher production costs and special requirements for biological safety limit their application range. LED sources, with their high energy efficiency, long lifespan, and environmental performance, dominate modern lighting technology. The LED light source, optimized with heat dissipation technology, can have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, significantly reducing the frequency of light source replacement and maintenance work, making them an ideal choice for green lighting.

The Performance of the Three Light Sources in LIGHT SKY’s Beam Lights

Faced with the dual challenges of global environmental regulations and market demands, Light Sky has developed a series of beam light products with various light sources, providing customers with efficient and environmentally friendly stage lighting solutions. The full protective waterproof level combined with strong penetration, ultra-quiet, and high luminance meets the diverse lighting needs of outdoor cultural tourism and large-scale performances, indoor theaters, and more.


1Mini Lunar Aqua (HID Lamp)

The Mini Lunar Aqua is a computerized moving head beam light that combines the advantages of High Performance lamps with new efficient heat dissipation technology. With a strong beam, strong penetration, compact and portable size, and an IP66 protection level, it’s an exceptional mature product suitable for large concerts and outdoor events. Despite facing higher energy consumption and maintenance costs, its performance in specific areas is irreplaceable.


2Mini Laser Aqua (Laser)

The Mini Laser Aqua brings new possibilities to the professional stage lighting market with its precise illumination and long lifespan. It is especially suitable for occasions requiring highly concentrated and precisely controlled beams, such as special effect performances and high-end exhibitions. Although the initial investment is higher, its low energy consumption and reduced maintenance long-term benefits make the cost-effectiveness outstanding.


3Scope Beam (LED)

The Scope Beam utilizes LED light source technology, providing a high-energy-efficient, long-lifespan stage lighting solution. Its environmental features and low energy design make it an ideal choice for various occasions, especially in low-ceiling environments such as indoor theaters, bars, and dance halls, where the LED source’s friendliness and saturation are outstanding. The flexibility and adjustability of LEDs also offer more possibilities for creative lighting.

230W Led moving beam Scope Beam


LIGHT SKY Beam Light Application Cases

From the emotional rendition of Japan’s “Lost Paradise” to the splendid stage of the Thai Music Awards, and the brilliant light of the Yunnan Provincial Ethnic Games, LIGHT SKY’s beam light series has played a key role in several iconic events, bringing unforgettable visual experiences to the audience.

1、the GUITAR MAG AWARDS 2024 in Thailand

2、Mercuro’s 『失楽園』 Performance

3、Armania Phuket Upscale Nightclub

4、the 12th Yunnan Traditional Minority Sports Games

The GUITAR MAG AWARDS 2024 in Thailand


Life is endless, Innovation is infinite

LIGHT SKY’s research and exploration of the three major light source technologies continue, and we have successfully developed and launched a series of moving head beam lights that meet market demands and environmental standards. Each light source technology in our product line finds its best application scenario, ensuring that we can provide the best solution for customers in terms of energy efficiency, lifespan, or lighting effect. In the future, we will continue to promote technological innovation, illuminate every corner that needs light, and create a colorful, green, and sustainable world together.


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Mercuro’s 『失楽園』 Performance

Armania Phuket Upscale Nightclub  

The 12th Yunnan Traditional Minority Sports Games