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How to extend life of lights?

1. Suggestion about turning ON/OFF Don’t turn it off within 5mins after on, the bulb will be easy to blacken due to not reaching the thermal balance. Finally loses transparency and shortens its lifespan. When you turn it on, some fixtures might have a signal delay or mistake because of suffering outer high-frequency interference. Please


What is color temperature?

Color temperature is the color of light emitted by an idealized opaque, non-reflective body at a particular temperature measured in kelvins. The color temperature scale is used to categorize the color of light emitted by other light sources regardless of their temperature. Color temperatures over 5000 K are called "cool colors" (bluish), while lower color


What is CMY in lighting?

Subtractive color mixing uses a white light source with a series of filters to eliminate certain wavelengths of light. Typically, these systems are known as CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) color mixing and consist of dichroic filters.


How many channels is Art-Net?

The protocol can address 32768 DMX "universes", each of 512 channels, limited by bandwidth. The fixed addressing can be problematic in networks with other addressing requirements.  


What is Art-Net DMX?

Art-Net is a communication lighting protocol for transmitting DMX and RDM signals over Ethernet. With 2 universes of bi-directional eDMX to DMX conversion with ArtRDM support, power over ethernet (PoE), or flexible 12-24v DC input, the DIN Ethergate allows for fast deployment of DMX systems.


How is illumination measured?

This can be measured in candelas/square meters (cds/m2) or foot-lamberts (fLs). Illuminance, on the other hand, describes the measurement of the amount of light illuminating the surface area and is measured in lux or foot candles and correlates with how humans perceive the brightness of illuminated areas.


How many type of transport package of stage lighting?

Usually, 3 types of packages for stage lighting transportation, are cartons, plywood, and road case (fly cases). The cost is road case>plywood>carton. Carton is the basic package and free, least weight and smallest size to save shipping freight, suitable for selling the business, fixed install permanent lights or having own local cases supplier. If the