How to extend life of lights?

1. Suggestion about turning ON/OFF

Don’t turn it off within 5mins after on, the bulb will be easy to blacken due to not reaching the thermal balance. Finally loses transparency and shortens its lifespan.

When you turn it on, some fixtures might have a signal delay or mistake because of suffering outer high-frequency interference. Please reset the whole fixture and turn it on again if the bulb can not light up for over 2mins.

It would be better to set the bulb off while the fixture head (Y-axis) is on the horizon state (it’s the best balance state for heat dissipation), bulb explosion rate will increase if it is in heat imbalance frequently.

Don’t switch the fixture frequently, it’s easy to cool the mercury in the bulb into large particles and cause a short circuit, especially for new bulbs. At this time, you need to remove the bulb and tap it to make the mercury stick to the inner wall of the bulb. Then light it again after the short circuit is removed.

2. Suggestion about standby mode

The lighted bulb should not be in a static state for a long time, XY axis should be shaken slowly at a large angle as much as possible to make the heat dissipation more balanced. Or lowly shaken 10 minutes before the bulb off after the event (the XY axis moves from 0 to 255 at the same time) to release the stress.

Don’t forget to cut off the power when turning off the fixture with a console.