Light source : 1200W white LED – module (optional)
Zoom angle : 6° -50 °
Optical lens : coated with high anti-reflection film, 186mm diameter
Color Temperature : 6500 K
CRI : RA≥70 / RA≥90 (cut into the high-display digital filter)
Fixture output : 50700 lm




CMY : CMY infinite color blend
CTO : CTO color temperature linear adjustment (3000K-6500K)
Color : 5 color pieces + white light, can achieve bidirectional color rainbow, double color step gradient
(linear movement), color wheel bidirectional rotation,Random color mode




Gobe wheel : 2 rotating pattern plates, 12 glass pattern plates, dynamic stacking effect, can be inserted and replaced, can realize rotation,Flow, jitter effect;
Rotary plate 1 : 6 kinds of glass pattern + white circle, pattern sheet outer diameter 31.9mm, pattern sheet inner diameter 24mm
Rotary plate 2 : 6 kinds of glass pattern + white circle, pattern sheet outer diameter 31.9mm,pattern sheet inner diameter 24mm
Eight-way cutting : four gratings achieve fast and smooth cutting, and eight cutting directions and angles can be individually controlled.Each piece can achieve complete light closure, the whole cutting module can rotate ±45°




Prism : Four prism, bidirectional rotation
Frost : Heavy atomization + light atomization, can be independently switched, can be superimposed
Single channel : Single channel high finger filter -CRI 90
Iris : With electric aperture, 5-100% linear adjustment, with macro function and multiple effect changes
Dimming : Electronic dimming, 0-100% linear dimming, uniform spot
Strobe : Electron strobe – speed is 1-25 times/S
LED refresh frequency : 1000Hz ~ 25KHz




Control channel : 42CH, 56CH,See Channel table for details.
Protocol : DMX512 protocol, RDM protocol, Art Net (optional)
Data connection : Three core or five core signal input/output, RJ45 interface (optional)
Display : LCD liquid crystal display (LCD)




Software upgrade : Upgrade software via DMX signal or USB interface
Noise management : Mute fan, three working modes (highlight/mute/ultra-mute)
Ntelligent temperature control : Ntelligent temperature control to ensure LED life




X axis : 540° 8bit/16bit precision scan
Y-axis : 270° 8bit/16bit precision scan




Input voltage : AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
1200W Light source :1430W (110V: maximum current 14.3A; 220V: Maximum current 7.15A) PF0.987




Lighting Size :502×300×845(mm)
Box Size :920×570×375(mm)
N.W.:44.0kg ,G.W.:48.8kg
Flycase Size (1 set) : 710X560X875(mm)
N.W.:44.0kg ,G.W.:80.6kg




IP rate : IP20
Working Ambient : -10℃~ 40 ℃
Maximum temperature of lamp body surface : 80 ℃








Attention : All downloaded light library files on this site need to be decompressed before they can be used.