LIGHTSKY generation 230W moving head – Bumblebee’s performance is still strong despite being over 10 years old

LIGHTSKY is worth your eternal trust. LIGHTSKY Generation 1 230W moving head light – Bumblebee’s performance is still strong despite being over 10 years old. It was installed in the Grammy Club in Hanoi, Vietnam, which has nice music, beautiful environment, and amazing lighting effect!!

Bumblebee moving head light is China’s first domestically produced Bumblebee F230 with low power consumption, high brightness, light weight and sensitivity, which appeared on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Later, LIGHTSKY optimized the Generation 230W moving head light – Bumblebee and launched the F230II, which is brighter and more cost-effective,also loved by large-scale events and lighting designers. And LED Moving Wash —Pearl wash & Lamp Moving Beam —Mini Lunar also popular products. It is widely used in many famous music festivals and concerts around the world.

Thanks to Vietnamese friends and all partners and customers for their support to LIGHTSKY, and hope to have more cooperation in the future.

LIGHTSKY is one of the Top5 stage lighting manufacuture in China since 1993. we have independent R&D center, high level production center and strict QC system. If you are interested in our product, Pls contact us for free.  WhatsApp: 008613808892827

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