How to use Moving Head Wash do a wondful stage ?

A “Moving head wash” is a general “fill” of light and color evenly across the stage through the use of lighting fixtures (typically, softer lights cast from Fresnel lamps), and colored using colored lighting gels. It’s also known as a Fill. 

Synesthesia is widely used in lighting design. The stimulation of one channel can cause the feeling of this channel, and now this kind of stimulation can also cause the feeling of another channel at the same time. This phenomenon is called synesthesia. Seeing red makes people feel warm, seeing blue makes them feel cool, seeing delicious food makes them feel delicious, etc. Stage design designers cleverly use dyeing lights to achieve this effect on stage design drawings.

An example of its use would be if the lighting designer decided a nice wash of yellow across the stage would reinforce the feeling of summer in the scene.Red wash to make the atmosphere of the scene more enthusiastic,green wash to make the scene more appealing to life, and purple wash to make the stage more mysterious.

So if you’d like to learn more about what these types of light fixtures do and how we leverage them to create designs for events, read on!

You’ve probably seen lights like these at a big concert, conference, or special event. All of these lights are known as “Intelligent Wash Lights”. Intelligent lighting fixtures are ones which have many features controlled remotely such as position, shutter, colors, and effects. This allows us to put light where it needs to be and when it needs to be there.

Here we would like to introduce some products like LED Moving Wash lighting .

Here is a product that sells popular in the Russian market. 19pcs*20W LED Moving Wash –TX1920ZOOM which is produced by a stage lighting manufacture LIGHTSKY. The following are the parameters for your reference.

LED chip :19×20W RGBW 4 in 1 LED

Zoom angle : 7°-55°( Linear electric zoom)

Color temperature adjustable range : 2500~10000K
CRI : Ra≥75
Ring Control : Yes Independent control of outer and inner ring

And recently LIGHTSKY put a NEW product 12pcs*40W LED Moving Beam Wash-Pearl Wash into market which  is a multi-functional beam wash fixture that will meet your expectations for a professional moving wash effect or beam effect. Whether a theater performance or a live concert, you can use this flexible LED moving head wash to add color to the stage and create a bright, beautiful beam effect.

Light source type : 12Pcs×40W RGBL LED multichips
CTO Light output : 2200 K – 8000k;
Zoom range : 7-55° Linear electric zoom
Beam : Small degrees beam effect
Wash : Middle and big degrees wash
FX mode : Kaleidoscope effects
Lens rotation : Front lens can rotated infinity
LED Control : Multi-point control (at least 3 LED chips) effect
Ring control : Ring control effect

In additonal , there is another type of LED moving bar beam wash is getting popular .

The classic led moving pixel control bar in the market is consist of 12pcs x 40W RGBW LED chip or 12pcs x 60W RGBW LED chip .  Mamba from LIGHTSKY adopts 12pcs x 40W RGBW LED chip,which generate a brilliant performance in the stage .

Tips for Creating a Wash Lighting

It’s important when creating a wash that you have multiple fixtures in fixed positions so that they spread an even amount of light over the stage.

Space your lights evenly to ensure an even amount of brightness and coverage. If the lights can all be hung on the same bar that’s even better.

Make sure your lights are evenly focused.

Lights should overlap at the edges to give the appearance of full coverage. You want to ensure there are no dark spots on the stage.