How moving head light’s LED chip work?


After the invent of LED, it’s widely used in indicator light, display screen, signal light, landscape lighting, stage light, etc. It has more advantage than Incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp as a common light source. We can see, LED light will be the main light source in the future.

In the beginning, LED only support red and yellow color, it can’t make white light without blue. And it’s unit power only support usually just a few watt. That’s why LED didn’t use in theater lighting. It’s color and power can’t meet theater light. After decades of development, these problems have been all solved, and now LED light has entered the era of theater lighting, such as the LED Profile and LED Fresnel.

How LED light works? It’s different from Incandescent lamp. In simply terms, Led light is consist of several thin layers of semiconducting material, we also call it the diode. The electric current passing through the diode, which emits photons(light) through the principle of electroluminescence.


In common life, people use white light for illumination the most. There are two popular ways for LED light to modulate white now on the market. The first way, mixing the blue light emitted by the LED chip to the yellow light emitted by the YAG (fluorescent powder). It’s a relatively simple way and now the technology has tend to mature. But this method is not easy to achieve low color temperature, and can’t realize the modulation of multiple colors. If use in stage light, there must add a color wheel, better plus CMY and CTO.



Here’s the sample of LIGHT SKY ‘s PEARL WASH. It’s a wash consist of 12pcs of 40W RGBL 4 in 1 LED. In this RGBL color mixing mode, it can make excellent color macro effect. What’s more, under the control of complicated driving circuit, it can even make group control, each 3 LED lens as one group.

In nowadays, the technology of LED is already mature. And there are many LED lighting companies in the world, like the Osram, Philips, TCL, Panasonic, OPPLE, DELIXI electric and so on. And LED also has enter the area of stage lighting. For example, the LED moving head light, LED PAR, LED profile and so on. There are many advantages of LED. It’s energy-saving, long lifespan, fast response speed, environmental friendly, that why we call it “Green light source”.

LIGHTSKY as a professional stage lighting manufacture, the LED chip they adopt for their lighting fixture are from OSRAM , PHILIPS ,CREE and China top brand Tyanshine . That’s why LIGHTSKY’s LED Moving Head Wash, LED Spot Profile, LED Moving Beam, LED Follow Spot are famous for their innovation, stability and durability. For more details, please feel free to check LIGHTSKY website :