What are the functions of stage lights in an event hall?

Audio and lighting are used in parties, wedding, events more and more frequently, lots of hotels upgrade with audio, lighting, led screen to attract the customers.

Can you image how many attention will be attracted and how passionate will the atmosphere be if there’s a cool lighting show before a banquet?

Beam light, hybrid light, wash light and blinder light are the mainly used stage lighting.

Beam light is one of the most important lights now, also play a core in a lighting show. Can work as a modeling light in a stage or T-stage, as an effect light together with music and scenes, as a spot light with gobo wheel, also can color the flowers or stage props with prism, sometimes as an assistance of blinder light. It requires thick and sharp beam with clear edge, also needs quick response and fast move.

The first moving head beam is Sharpy from CLAY PAKY, nowadays beam lights are mostly similar to Sharpy. Light Sky Bumblebee beam (X beam, F230) was the most popular moving head beam in 2012-2016 for its high quality and good effect. Around 2017-2018, Light Sky stopped producing Bumblebee beam, and had the updated version 230W moving beam- F230II, also highly recognized by the market. They also have 330W moving head beam- F330II, 450W moving beam- F450II to cover different use.

And in 2022, Lightsky have launched a Super brightness 480W moving beam–LUNAR MAX, which with a 200mm front lens can produce outstanding fat beam for large event.

Hybrid light or beam spot wash is one of the types used occasionally: its advantage is adjustable angle, rotation gobo wheel and controllable spot size. Not used widely is for its higher price.

The most famous hybrid light is Robe Pointe series, and more and more people choose LightSky 471W Beam spot wash 3 in 1 light -AURORA for its excellent performance and competitive price, especially in Middle East nations and Asian .

LED Wash light includes moving head wash light and non-moving head light (Par light), it illuminates the stage and people, reinforces the whole hall atmosphere. Moving head version is a bit expensive than par light, but moving head version gives more effect possibilities. As a led moving head wash light, LIGHTSKY’s TX1940Zoom is hot selling in European market, adopted OSRAM 40W, RGBW 4 in 1 LED chip, zoom angle is 5-55 degree, Lumen is 10715 Lm, has wide use. In 2022,  LIGHTSKY have lauched a 12 pcs *40W LED moving head beam wash-Pearl Wash, which with zoom angle from 7 to 55 degree , FX effect,  LED group control etc. It is very nice fixture.

Blinder light is one of the most important stage illuminate lights, such as pure white led par light, COB surface light, led fresnel light, zoom surface light, etc.

Blinder light is serving camera, so it has requirement for color temperature, CRI and spot uniformity.

Besides, some effect lights will be added according to the event needing, such as laser light, wall washer light, fog machine, snow machine, bubble machine, etc.