LIGHT SKY, F450II and F330II light up the opening ceremony of the 12th Yunnan Traditional Minority Sports Games

A Spectacular lighting design filled the venue for the opening ceremony of the 12th National Minority Traditional Sports in Yunnan Province.

On September 20, 2022, the 12th Yunnan Minority Traditional Sports Games opened in Lijiang City. Nearly 400 Light Sky lighting fixtures were used for the opening ceremony.

The Yunnan Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Meeting is held every 4 years. It is an important platform to showcase the excellent traditional culture of all ethnic groups in Yunnan Province and promote exchanges and integration of various ethnic groups.

The opening ceremony of the current Provincial Games adopts 450W moving beam -F450II and 330W moving head beam-F330II, breaking through the traditional model, perfectly integrating the sense of technology, innovation and art, using modern technologies such as projection and naked-eye 3D to express artistic expression to achieve panoramic and immersive, Open shocking artistic effect, to create a high-level cultural event.

Light Sky lighting fixtures are mainly hung on the front and sides of the stage. These two beam light fixtures with different powers can emit thick beams and easily create innovative technology scenes. Both lighting fixtures are lightweight and easy to carry and install.

In addition, F450II lighting fixtures is equipped with 8 prisms + 16 double prisms + a variety of combined effects, which can show rich effects of speed and passion, high temperature resistant plastic, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-stress, and anti-aging, suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting event .

450W moving beam -F450II and 330W moving head beam-F330II performed well at the opening ceremony, restoring the true colors of the stage, and immersing the audience in the stage performance.

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