Who will be favored by the future market between LED, laser, and traditional HID lamps?


As we all know, the development of an industry is inseparable from the upgrading of core technologies and changes in core components. With the rapid development of the stage lighting industry in recent years, changes in light sources have also become the focus of many people’s attention. From traditional HID lamps light sources to LED light sources, and to the laser light sources introduced this year, the light sources of stage lighting have been changing and optimizing.


The advantage of traditional HID lamps light sources

The traditional HID lamps light sources are the longest-developed light source and are technically more mature than other light sources. At the same time, traditional HID lamps light sources have high brightness, up to tens of thousands of lumens. The most important thing is that the price is advantage, which greatly reduces the cost.


The shortcoming of traditional HID lamps light sources

The biggest disadvantage of traditional HID lamps are their short lifespan. The lifespan under normal use is generally around 4000-6000 hours, which is much different from other light sources. Moreover, the lamp may broke during use.

The attenuation of traditional HID lamps light sources during use will cause the image to darken and turn yellow (such as brightness attenuation, color saturation contrast reduction, etc.), so the lamp needs to be replaced later, resulting in high maintenance costs.

Another disadvantage is that it does not conform to the environmental protection concept.

The advantage of LED light sources

LED light sources have a long life, generally around tens of thousands of hours. Save energy, low usage costs, good color performance, and environmentally friendly.


The shortcoming of LED light sources

Brightness is the biggest shortcoming of LED light sources. Increasing brightness means larger product size and higher costs, thus losing the competitive advantage of LED light sources.

The advantage of laser light sources

Laser light sources have ultra-high brightness and long life. Most importantly, the brightness of the laser light source decays very slowly, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. 


The shortcoming of laser light sources

Due to technical issues, the yellow edge problem of laser light sources currently on the market has not been solved. In addition, the price is too high. Therefore, laser computer lights are not yet mainstream.

LIGHT SKY products with different light sources

LIGHT SKY has launched fixtures with various light sources to meet the different needs of customers.

1. MINI LUNAR AQUA is a pure beam computer moving head lightdesigned by LIGHT SKY for high-end customers. It’s a compact size and light weight with sharpy beam. Very suitable for large-scale performance, Music festival and exhibition and so on.

2. SUPER SCOPE PRO is an advanced LED moving headlight. With 4-in-1 functionality, including an LED Beam Spot Wash Profile Moving Head. Achieving 26000 lux at 10 m and a high CRI of 90, this compact LED spot lamp is perfect for high-end venues like theaters, TV stations, concerts, and gymnasiums. Illuminate your space with the brilliance of LED technology.

3.MINI LASER AQUA is a high-power white laser moving head light. With a sharp 128mm beam, 1.1° angle, and 300000lux at 10 meters, it’sperfect for large-scale events.

In the short term, traditional HID lamp light sources and LED light sources still occupy a large market share. Of course, laser light sources are the future development trend. With the continuous innovation of technology, laser light sources will soon become popular in the stage lighting industry.