Where to Find the Best LED Wash Lights Supplier?

As we all know, from filmmaking to live shows and concert stages, LED lighting has made its way among the most recommended and most desired go-to tools for lighting everything you can imagine.

Now, if you are planning to invest in LED wash lights, then it is undeniably a wise decision to make. To enlighten you with some great pieces of advice and reliable products and supplier brands, we have compiled this informative guide to tell you everything about the unparalleled LED wash lights. Along these lines, let’s get down to business.


What Kind of LED Wash Lights Is the Best Investment?

To make the most of your investments in the industry of LED wash lights, you need to know what features of LED wash lights work best in the long run.  

  • High Brightness 

The high brightness LED lamp beads located inside the moving head wash project a warm white light with a full spectrum. Its high luminous efficiency makes the targeted spot shine brighter with a single wash that bathes the dark stage with a dazzling white glow.

  • Sturdy and Durable

The flicker-free, constant current and solid metal construction make the LED wash lights sturdy and durable to withstand sudden external damages. Plus, the latest LED wash lights are also secured against water splashing.


  • Multi-Function and Long Life Span

LED wash lights with multi-functions can be applied in more scenarios. Moreover, in contrast to traditional bright stage lights that run on an incandescent lamp, the lifetime of LED wash lights is way longer. Precisely, it can serve you well with an impressive lifespan of thousands of hours.


What to Consider When Choosing the LED Wash Lights Supplier?

Here, we are about to tell you some factors that will get you one step closer to your desired supplier of LED wash lights.  

  1. A Supplier with Various Products

Evaluate your moving head wash supplier by their capacity to meet all your unique project demands. For example, sometimes, you have to combine a couple of different LED wash lights with a distinct set of other bright stage lights to get the perfect lighting effect. Thus, going with a moving head wash supplier with various LED wash light products is better.


  1. Quality Assured Products

Next up is the quality factor of the LED wash lights. Always remember, if you want an impressive lighting effect to showcase your event with distinction, then never go with low-quality product suppliers of bright stage lights. Therefore, make sure you prioritize quality over big brands and price tags and choose a supplier that has strict quality control protocols.

  1. Certifications and Patents

Certifications and patents are the best way to confirm that your targeted supplier of moving wash lights has all the high-quality standards, expertise, and required skills to provide you with an unparalleled product of bright stage lights.

Light Sky’s New Arrival TX1920 ZOOM

If you are looking for LED wash lights that have unique lighting settings to fit all your color design effects, you might check out Light Sky’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights. Let’s take a look at its exceptional features mentioned below:


  • Advanced LED Chip

The Light Sky’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights to come with a groundbreaking TYANSHINE 19×20W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chip installment design. These bright stage lights have an RGBW macro color system that involves four colors in one moving head wash.


Moreover, the color temperature range can also be adjusted according to the required specifications. As a result, you get the most constant light output with great intensity, lumen density, and a low consumption rate.


  • Long Life Span: 30000h

Light Sky’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights to provide you with an ultimately longer lifetime of over 30,000 non-stop hours. Besides, these glowing LED wash lights are not only high-powered but are also energy-efficient.   


  • Three Work Modes for Different Scenes

One of the features of the Light Sky’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights is its three distinct work modes that include the standard mode, the silent mode, and the high brightness mode.


With such diverse options, you could play with a variety of modes and create out-of-the-box stage lighting settings. If you are planning to highlight different performances and stage acts, it can definitely help you.


  • 7-55° Zoom Range

Last but not least – the innovative and intelligent zoom system of the Light Sky’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights comes with the flex of a remarkable zooming ability that ranges from 7° to 55° while creating no shuttering sounds during the operation.  



Having an eminent background of 30 years in the industry, Light Sky specializes in the research and development of manufacturing intelligent lighting solutions that are widely supplied worldwide and in great demand. Our innovative products, such as the LED wash lights and other bright stage lights, are specially designed to serve the entertainment and architectural industry.