3 Tips for Choosing Moving Head Lights for Your Outdoor Live Show

Ever since the epidemic has lifted the restrictions on musical concerts, theatrical plays, and all the other outdoor festive performance acts, the lighting directors have once again taken their seats to get the live shows rolling with some spectacular lighting arrangements.

Moreover, since we all know that no live show can proceed without multiple sets of moving head lights, it gives the audience a clear clue to spot the showstopper at their first glance. Therefore, it is evident that moving head lights play a crucial part in keeping the audience allured with the stunning lighting effects.

How Do Moving Head Lights Benefit Live Shows?

Below mentioned are some of the core advantages that moving head lights can offer the stage and the audience:

  1. Enhance the Stage Atmosphere

Setting the right atmosphere on stage can also put the audience in the right mood to receive the performing act accordingly. For instance, you might have seen that the acting characters in a happy scene are followed by a soft and warm glow, while the dancing characters in a sad ballad are highlighted by a dim lighting effect coupled with some cool hues here and there. That’s why all the lighting directors design the stage with perfect moving head lights beforehand.

  1. Bring Spot Changes and Beam Swing

To keep the audience captivated during the entire live show, the stage lightings need to be precisely focused on the performers, regardless of which spot they choose to interact with their audience. And this requires accurate fixture control of the moving head lights to be right back at where the musical act is being delivered at the moment.

On the other hand, for musical concerts or theatrical plays, where stage lighting can also make your live show, moving head lights can help you create a professional light spin.  


  1. Guarantee the Brightness of Each Corner of the Stage

Perfect lighting is the thing that makes a star performer shine bright on the stage. Besides, it is also essential to keep the audience attracted throughout the show. That’s where moving head lights come into play with their built-in rotational mechanism features, meaning that the moving head beams present in these lights are sharp and bright enough to cover every corner of your stage efficiently.

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Moving Head Lights

Along similar lines, let’s have a look at the top 3 things that you have to keep in mind before choosing any moving head lights from any expert manufacturer:


  • Products with a Strong Brightness Beam

First things first, since you are looking for moving head lights that can light up your desired place with brightness, it is evident that your targeted lighting product must have a strong beam projection. Practically, a beam of moving head lights is somewhat similar to a laser light projection, which is sharp yet thin.

  • Long Irradiation Distance, Strong Penetration

If you used a wider angle of the moving head lights on stage at a far distant area from the fixtures, the moving head beam would appear as a dark effect without clear visibility. Therefore, be attentive to correctly calculate the distance of the beam moving head light to your stage and other areas where you want the result to display. Here you could also search for a product with a long irradiation distance and intense beam penetration to fulfill your stage lighting purpose according to your needs.


  • Strong Waterproof Ability

Here comes the moisture-free protection of the moving head lights. Besides being super bright with a powerful spike of beam projection, having a waterproof feature should be your next prime focus. Thus, make sure you select a moving head beam that is secured with a robust waterproofing covering and doesn’t get damaged due to a tiny splash of water on it.

The Best Moving Head Lights Product for Your Next Live Show

If you still feel confused about making up your mind, don’t worry since we have just the right product that will certainly meet all your outdoor moving head beam lighting requirements. Justifiably, it’s none other than the “SHARK LASER” of Light Sky. Well-equipped with a hard-wearing body made up of aluminum alloy, it is designed to produce beautiful laser beam effects with multiple superimposed prism combinations intact.

Not only has that, but the product’s efficient and stable laser fixture complements its long-distance strong-penetration features that follow its rich color variations. With a minimum beam angle of 0.8 degrees and an incredible luminance of over 439000 lux, such moving head lights can make any entertainment stage the center of everyone’s attention.


Light Sky specializes in manufacturing intelligent lighting solutions to benefit the entertainment and architectural industry. Most importantly, our qualification certificates and patents are enough to show our strength in making moving head lights. Above all, our 30 eminent years in the industry are simply a cherry on top of this impressive list of achievements.