The Only LED Moving Wash You Need for Outdoor Stage Lighting


All kinds of outdoor events will be held since the holidays are coming, and stage lighting equipment of high-quality is important to a successful show. Since there will be so many products to choose from, you need to find one that meets your needs and offers more.

Today, we will introduce you to a high-quality LED moving wash you can always rely on. Keep reading.

Stage Lighting Equipment You Can Choose

There are several stages and outdoor lighting solutions on the market today. Here are the three main ones:

LED Par Lights

Are you looking for something that delivers a ton of light with high intensity? Go for the par lights. This solution is perfect for large-stage productions, is incredibly durable, and can be sturdy. They are used to offer a warm wash at any stage.

Since they come with a collection of LEDs, they are often brighter and excellently mixed colors. Whether it’s for temperature or just visibility, par lights promise an excellent job..

LED Moving Beam

An LED moving beam could be your perfect solution. This outdoor moving head light is primarily used in explosive situations like opening shows, dancing, and singing.

The best moving beam features artistic flashes that develop passionate visual effects. It’s particularly applied where enhancement of intellectual art vibes, forming an incredible scene, or creating a romantic need is needed.

LED Moving Wash 

LED moving wash lights are mechanical lighting fixtures designed with automatic or DMX rotation. You will find them in weddings, parties, and stage shows to make the actors or sections of the audience stand out. And hence, you can be sure to depend on them for your holiday performances.

There are several LED moving wash on the market. The AQUAPEARL-PRO from Light Sky is the preferred choice for lighting designers for its excellent features.

AQUAPEARL-PRO – Your First Choice of LED Moving Wash Lights

AQUAPEARL-PRO is more than just your average LED moving wash equipment. It’s a lighting solution designed for functionality, sturdiness, and durability. You can choose from various colors, intensities, and wash to deliver the perfect scenery for all your stage lighting applications.


The main features include the following:

  • 19 x 40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED. We all know that the number of lumens defines power in an LED light stage light. Thus the 19, 40w lumens in the AQUAPEARL-PRO will not disappoint when you want to highlight specific parts of your stage.
  • This LED moving wash light is a one-in-all solution for a wide range of stage lighting situations. It’s a beam and wash in one, offering high brightness, long distance, and a huge range of applications.
  • Easy control. The AQUAPEARL-PRO has an individual LED control set to set different colors and effects. It also has an LED front ring and individual LED control to help you easily change the colors.
  • The rotating front lens of this LED moving wash light promises countless vortex effects. It delivers a ‘kaleidoscopic’ effect. It also has built-in color calibration systems, ensuring consistent color mixing for each application and a wide zoom angle for easy focusing.
  • The AQUAPEARL-PRO is IP66-rated. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof, making it highly durable and excellent for outdoor use.

In summary, the AQUAPEARL-PRO has everything you need to bring your stage lighting ideas to life. Besides, it’s one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

More From Light Sky

Apart from the LED moving wash above, Light Sky also has LED par, LED moving beam, and LED moving spot profiles with outstanding performance. This makes it easy for consumers to choose specific solutions or a combination of the need for their goals.


One of the main selling points of Light Sky has always been the highly advanced customer support system and the production of top-notch lighting products. The company has grown into a market leader through the delivery of reliable stage lights. Call today to book your LED moving wash AQUAPEARL-PRO or for inquiries on the other offers.