LED Moving Head Wash Is Bound to Make an Impact on Your Christmas Show


Many stage shows, such as theaters, are taking place everywhere as Christmas is coming. And that’s when you need the best stage lighting equipment the most. We recommend using an LED moving head wash. It’s one of the most preferred lighting solutions by stage lighting experts. And here are why.

Four Controllable Qualities of Stage Light

What should you consider when buying a stage light? Here are the four controllable qualities that you should never ignore.

moving head beam

1. Intensity

When you buy a moving wash light, your supplier may recommend different intensities according to your needs. Generally, the intensity of any light source varies from near total darkness to extremely bright.

Intensity can be adjusted as bright, dim, dark, etc., or represented as a percentage from 0% to 100%. The light’s intensity highlights the subject properly, bringing out any other element of the stage.

2. Color 

Stage lighting is about showing the object and highlighting the mood. And that is where color comes in. It’s a controllable quality that can alter the mood or tone of the events on the stage. It’s used to guide the audience to react in a specific manner.

You must be very careful when choosing colors for an LED moving head wash to ensure coordination with colors selected for the costumes and the mood.

3. Direction

One of the reasons an LED moving head wash has become a very popular option is because of its directionality. This means the area from which light approaches the area of illumination.

You can set light on the stage to come from below, above, behind, or off the side of actors. A stage can have several light direction combinations to uniquely create highlights and shadows.

4. Movement

How do you want the light to change in terms of change in intensity, color, or direction? This is a crucial controllable light quality that affects the entire show.

Ideally, it’s best to get an LED moving head wash that’s easy to control. The Pearl Wash, for instance, even comes with automatic features so that you don’t keep changing these functions manually. It could be your best shot at creating a perfectly lit stage.

The Functions of Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is in demand, especially during this festive season. Performance and celebrations everywhere have created the need for good lighting solutions. Here are some of their functions.

ü Visibility

The main reason to buy an LED moving head wash is to highlight the main areas the director or lighting designer wants the audience to see.

ü Atmosphere

The idea of creating certain scenes in a stage act is to evoke a specific reaction from the audience. Stage lighting evokes the mood or atmosphere in the audience to bring out appropriate emotions. A stage lighting scenario where visibility is sacrificed will often focus on the mood.

ü Image

Stage lighting highlights everything that is happening on the stage for the audience to have a better understanding and perhaps follow in properly. It could be hard to have an effective performance without creating an image in the audience’s mind.

ü Narrative

Stage lighting can also be used to tell stories and control the flow of events through lighting changes. The modeling function includes creating a realistic view of the play. With different placements of the lights, you can create different types of highlights and shadows on the actors.

Choose PEARL WASH for Your Christmas Shows

If you want the best LED moving head wash for your Christmas shows, we recommend the Pearl Wash from Light Sky. This light can be used to fulfill all your stage lighting solutions conveniently and reliably. Its features include:

  • 12-pcs x 40W RGBL 4 combined in one LED
  • 30000 hours of illumination
  • 2200K to 8000K color temperature adjustment
  • Accurate positioning with a great XY speed.
  • Smooth operation.

Use the Pearl Wash for visibility, mood, narrative, and much more.


Light Sky has been designing high-quality lighting solutions for various needs for a very long time. It’s one of the most reliable companies focusing on functionality and dependability. If you desire to know more about the Pearl Wash LED moving head wash or any other stage lighting solution, don’t hesitate to reach out.