Everything About Outdoor Stage Lighting You Should Know

As experts in outdoor stage lighting, we understand what the modern market demand and what stage lighting professionals go through. It’s a challenging yet exciting exercise, especially when you have the right tools and knowledge. For instance, beam light equipment is basic outdoor stage lighting and must be set perfectly.

Today, we will be sharing more on what you need to know about lighting an outdoor stage.

Stage Lights

Preparation for Outdoor Stage Lighting

Proper preparation is key to making the most out of your lighting needs. We recommend starting days before the concert to ensure you don’t miss any detail. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:


  1. Changing colors, Shifting shapes, and Bursts of brightness

A concert lighting scene only impresses when it creates a seamless flow with the performance’s mood and tone. Luckily, modern smart outdoor stage lighting equipment like the AQUABEAM400LL for outdoor stages makes things much easier. With it, you can easily change the colors, shifting shapes, and bursts of brightness.

Do you know what the concert is about and the intended theme? We can create these aspects to meet those specific needs. The idea is not only to highlight the performers but also to set the perfect mood.

  1. Placement

professional show lighting LED moving head can be challenging to set in the perfect spot. And that’s why it’s best left to professionals. The best places are on overhead trusses, at stage level, direct to spotlights, or mixing with the set design for more visual effects.

We have often recommended combining all these placement options. It makes outdoor stage lighting more flexible, and it’s hard to find a musician that will complain about it. There is so much sophistication in what seems simple, creating the perfect mood for the performance.

  1. Weather

Never ignore the weather for the most important safety precaution for any outdoor stage lighting event. They are exposed to natural elements, and hence, the outdoor conditions are a crucial consideration.

Our outdoor stage lighting equipment is designed for wet usage, even if the venue is an enclosed theater. However, blowing precipitation, dust, and such elements can easily affect the lighting and negatively alter the performance.

Three Different Types of Outdoor Stage Lighting Scenarios

Another crucial aspect of outdoor concert lighting is finding the right lights. It’s important to know all the available options. Here are three primary types:


  • LED Par Lights

These are highly intensified LEDs that can deliver up to 4X the power of concentrated light than traditional bulbs. Lighting professionals love outdoor stage lighting because they are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to maintain.

  • Laser Lights

Laser lights promise the best moving head concentrated lighting needs. Even though they contain just about 200 joules of energy, they packed a brief pulse, just a tenth of a trillionth second long, creating a vastly more powerful light than any bulb. Programmable colors make it easy to change and match the music.

  • Beam Lights

Outdoor beam lights are not very different from a car’s headlights. It’s majorly used to define the that require more or specific lighting depending on the light source. Combing beam lights with other options can recreate an excellent outdoor lighting environment.


The Outdoor Moving Beam AQUABEAM400LL for the Outdoor Stage

We designed the Aquabeam400LL sky beam light to offer everything any lighting pro will need in a beam light. Its main features include:

  • Energy saving with the adoption of a 400W long-life lamp
  • Sharp, high brightness from a powerful optical lens that matches 4000W sky search
  • CMY color mixing, two prisms, and prism combination.
  • Designed for outdoor performance with a PA66 engineering plastic cover, anti-UV, anti-aging, and high temp resistance.

Apart from these features, it is budget-friendly, especially when long-term usage is considered. And it comes from a trusted company.



If you need outdoor stage lighting equipment, we are here for you. Light Sky has been creating innovative lighting technology for close to two decades. Our company utilizes research & development to manufacture smart solutions for the entertainment industry. Call us today if you have any questions or need a stage/architecture light, and you will get it.